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Chongqing North Hot Spring, A 1,600-year-old Hot Spring

Hot spring exuding lingering smog is surrounded by tranquil and lush mountains, which is an ideal choice for chasing away the coolness of autumn after feasting on the hot pot.

Among countless hot springs in Chongqing, North Hot Spring has earned itself a place.

Jinyun Mountain in Beibei District, Chongqing, is the home of the North Hot Spring, which is less than an hour’s drive away from the downtown.

It was formerly known as the Hot Spring Temple, which was first built-in the first year of the Jingping Reign of the Liu Song Dynasty of the Southern Dynasties (A.D. 423), more than 1,600 years ago. It is one of the earliest developed hot springs in the world and has been in use to date, 200 years earlier than the oldest Arima Hot Springs in Japan.

Bordering the Jialing River in the north and Jinyun Mountain in the south, the North Hot Spring bears a rare sense of silence and solemnity with superior geographical environment and thousand-year history.

Brilliant Hot Spring Resort and Spa, Bei Bei, Chongqing, China. Villa Apt 12.

It incorporates 10 springs with an annual average water temperature of 37.5 ℃, which is the most suitable temperature for the human body.

Moreover, as one of the rare radon springs nationwide, it is categorized as a calcium sulfate hot spring and is free of sulfur flavor. It has been renowned for its medical treatment function since ancient time, thus holding the leading place of the five major hot springs in Chongqing.

North Hot Spring Park is also recommended for its breathtaking view integrating well-arranged ancient temples, verdant forests and lively springs.

The Guxiang Park, the former site of Hot Spring Temple, is home to towering ancient trees and Buddhist tombs of the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, oozing with solemn and imposing ambience.

After stepping into the Shike Park along the mossy stone steps, a unique view comes into sight. Centered on cliff-carved Arhat sculpture, the Shike Park integrates stone statues, carvings, inscriptions and tablets of the temple in all ages. All Buddha statues have lifelike expressions, with moss on the surface adding a hint of mystery. Why not take a break here in the captivating scenery?

The Banyan Tree hotel sitting at the foot of Jinyun Mountain should not be missed, in which the hot spring water is drawn from the North Hot Spring.


The exquisite and advanced lobby lies tranquilly against the background of Jinyun Mountain.

The indoor and outdoor hot water bathing pools have a water temperature at around 38 °C, which are available for customers to steep themselves in the curative spring water.

The hotel provides a variety of house types, including villas, hotel rooms and detached courtyards, with good privacy due to surrounding lush trees. All houses or rooms are equipped with hot water bathing pools.

The general room has a large indoor bathtub for enjoying the picturesque scenery of Jinyun Mountain through the window, and a separate hot spring pool on the balcony that is big enough for two people.

The room rates include the fee of hot spring and delicate buffet breakfast.

The Bolian Resorts & Spa is also located in the North Hot Spring, adjacent to Jinyun Mountain in the south and Jialing River in the north. A total of 31 hot spring villa rooms are built along the steep mountains along the bank of the Jialing River, sitting between green hills and torrential river.

Because of the steep terrain, each building is built directly between trees, thereby giving birth to the extraordinary integration of branches and buildings.

Linjiang Villa faces the river on one side and is surrounded by green trees on the other three sides, illuminating a rare and poetic sight.

The hotel commands a fine view of a botanical garden. The Jialing River lies under the infinity pool surrounded by bamboo and banana on the terrace. Customers can take a bath in the hot spring pool to the fullest while overlooking the grand view of mountains and river.

According to the principles of yin-yang and five elements, the hotel laid out natural hot springs in appealing scenery, thus forming 26 open-air garden hot spring pools in various styles.

In addition, the hotel is also equipped with gyms, yoga room, Zen tea room and other multi-functional room.

The hotel’s restaurant also borders the river. It is especially agreeable to enjoy delicacies under the ficus virens enclosed by buildings, or overlook the river from a height in the indoor restaurant. The combination of enjoying fine views and tasting gourmets is surely one of the delights of life.

Why don’t you take the rare opportunity to get your family and friends out of the slow-paced city and into hot springs in the invigorating autumn climate?

You can spend about an hour driving back and forth or spend the night there. Anyway, it’s time to start this year’s hot spring tour!


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