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Chongqing Ronghui Hot Springs


Chongqing is famous for its hot springs, and one of the most popular and accessible is Ronghui Hotsprings located in Shapingda District. This is well within city limits, and very easy to get to. Ronghui Hot Springs feature lush landscapes, dozens of spring-fed pools, indoors as well as outdoors. Many of the pools are steeped with essential oils and Chinese medicinal herbs.

Chongqing Ronghui Hot Spring

Chongqing Ronghui Hot Spring


Ronghui Hot Springs is a multifunctional entertainment park that provides a number of entertainment activities aside from bathing in the hot springs themselves.

  • German Style Health Spa
  • Outdoor Hot Spring Area
  • Dynamic Water Park
  • Indoor Leisure Area
  • Ronghui Gym
  • Health Food Restaurant
  • Chess & Card Rooms and Other Indoor Entertainment

Couple Bathing in the Ronghui Hot Springs

Ronghui Hot Springs is more than just a Hot Spring Resort, it is a multifunctional entertainment park that provides visitors with a multitude of entertainment options and recreational activities. Aside from the German-style health spa, Ronghui Hot Spring features a large outdoor hot spring area, a small waterpark ideal for children and for summertime, indoor pools, as well as restaurants, therapy rooms, massages, and VIP exclusive areas. 


The average water temperature of the pools is around 54℃, although some are hotter and some are cooler. The spring water that feeds Ronghui Hot Spring is rich in fluoride and metasilicic acid, metabolic acid, and strontium. The water comes from a calcium sulfate spring and has numerous benefits for your skin and nervous system. The calcium and magnesium sulfate-rich waters can help with dry skin, remove sebum, promote healing of trauma and relieve diabetes. The water can also help increase appetite, and breathing in the water vapor can promote the secretion of respiratory mucosa.

The hot spring water comes from rock formations more than 1,800 meters underground, which is rich in more than ten kinds of natural minerals.

Outdoor health medicine pool.

During the summer months, bathing in the hot springs might be too warm, but Ronghui also offers cooler pools and a small water park for children that is suitable for the warmer summer months. The water park features a baby zone, swimming pool, spiral slides, rafts, and other small water rides.

Ronghui Hot Springs also features a restaurant that focuses on healthy food. There are many types of food served here, all healthy.



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