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Dianjiang Peony-Sakura World Amazes Tourists with Scenic Displays and Amusements

The flower-themed tourist attraction named Peony and Sakura World located in Dianjiang County is a demonstration project for rural revitalization. This attraction is the first national 4A-rated scenic spot in the county, and features 1,500 acres of picturesque landscapes and amusement facilities.

The investment was attracted for rural development in Xinmin Town in the year 2015, with main concepts focused on spring flowers, summer water activities, autumn leaves, and a winter holiday destination to attract visitors throughout the year.

Inside Peony and Sakura World, top attractions inside the scenic area include peony and rose displays, cherry blossoms, boat riding, a children's amusement park, and a Tang Dynasty-style old town area showcasing the unique characteristics of Southwest China, such as traditional stone contraptions used for producing bean curd.

Dianjiang Peony

Flowers inside Peony and Sakura World have been arranged in various display patterns including hearts, umbrellas and letters. (Photo/ Huang Yu)

Flowers in the scenic area include 5000 cherry blossoms, 10,000 peonies, 20,000 roses, and 60,000 hydrangeas. There have been landscape improvement projects involving a 50-acre Chinese Rose Sea and 16.5-acre Hydrangea Garden, further enhancing viewing pleasure for visitors.

Amusement facilities are set inside a colorful recreational area with fun activities that appeal to visitors of all ages, including gentle rides, climbing frames, and a sky bridge offering great views over the whole park and surrounding countryside.

Diangjiang Peony

The amusement park inside Peony and Sakura World offers facilities that appeal to fun-seeking visitors of all ages. (iChongqing/ James Alexander)

Since the complex opened its doors in 2016, more than 4 million tourists have visited the scenic area, bringing economic and social benefits to over 1000 villagers in the surrounding area and driving rural tourism in the district.

During the Spring Festival, light exhibitions, firework displays, ancient battle reenactments, and other sightseeing projects were introduced to meet the diversified needs of tourists, increase competitiveness, and continuously improve the visitor experience.

Diangjiang Peony

The Sky Bridge offers visitors a fun climbing experience with great views across the park and surrounding countryside. (iChongqing/ James Alexander)

The Rose Sea features a gallery and maze adorned with numerous varieties of roses, including over 60 rare species, which have been arranged into patterns such as hearts, umbrellas, and alphabetic letters. 

While Peony and Sakura World is open all year round, the best time for viewing flowers is between the end of April and early October, when visitors of all ages enjoy romantic pastoral scenes and fun amusement facilities.


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