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Fengdu Ghost City

Fengdu is 168km from Chongqing. It is a collection of buildings of monasteries, temples, and shrines overlooking the river. Otherwise, the mythic temple of the underworld is the prototype of the complex, showing the culture of the afterlife to visitors.


The panorama of the Ghost City

According to legend, Fengdu got its name of Ghost City during the Eastern Han Dynasty (25 -220 A.D.). Two imperial officials, Yin Changsheng and Wang Fangping, came to Ming Mountain to practice Taoism, and in the process they became immortals. Meanwhile, the combination of their names, Yinwang, means “King of Hell”. It was the beginning of the site’s focus on the underworld. In addition, many of the temples and shrines show paintings and sculptures of people being tortured for their sins.


“Ghosts” in the city

Furthermore, Tianzi Palace said to be the office of Yama, King of Hell is the largest, oldest and best-preserved of the temples. The giant face of the “Yama” on the hillside, holds the Guinness World Records for the biggest sculpture carved on the rock. 


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