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Gele Mountain

Gele Mountain is located in Shapingba District and by the west of Jialing River. The “Natural Song of Gele ” had been one of the twelve sceneries in the ancient Bayu region. In the tale, the reputation of Gele Mountain is given by Yu the Great, who controlled the waters. “During the efforts of Yu the Great in controlling the floods, he met the feudal princes on Tushan Mountain and feasted his guests on Gele Mountain.”


The 300 steps along the Gele Mountain paved the only way for Chongqing merchants in the past

Gele Mountain is a National 4A Tourist Attraction. The lush mountain enjoys picturesque sceneries and offers many walkways. The historical scenery spots of Hongyan Square, Bai Mansion and Cinder Cave are under the mountain. Today, Gele Mountain has already become a sightseeing resort for entertainment and leisure, receiving Chongqing citizens and foreign tourists.

Along Gele Mountain, two walkways are the most famous from others, and they seemingly connect the ancient and modern times of this mountain. The meandering ancient path is stretching upward to the sky, embodying the firm, tenacious, and optimistic spirits of Chongqing people.


These steps have 400 years' history

The only way for Chongqing merchants in the bygone days

Beside the road, there erects a large stone tablet, inscribing “Gu Dao San Bai Ti” (300 Steps along the Ancient Path). A zigzag mountain route has passed by this tablet and stretches toward the depths of the thick forests. Walking upstairs, visitors will feel enchanted about the dense vegetation and peaceful farm fields only with birds’ twittering and gentle breezes. Some interweaving vines are hidden in the stone steps, seemingly about to stumble passengers. Nobody can encircle those Huangge trees with arms alone, and their vigorous branches are growing upward to the sky, which is like a huge umbrella observed from afar. Passengers in twos and threes were passing by from time to time.


There are many Huangge trees on both sides of the road

The 300 stone-structured steps along Gele Mountain is part of the ancient path in Sichuan and Chongqing regions. These steps start from Buyun Bridge and end at Tongshan Bridge, paving a must-pass way for the merchants traveling between the two regions. Related information shows that the 300 steps are about 400 years old.

The reputation should not only be attributed to the long history, but also a restaurant at the top end, which serves Spicy Chicken, one of the best-received delicacies in Bayu region. Two decades ago, people had to wait for a long time to taste this delicious food in that restaurant.


The pavilion for breaking


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