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Gujian Mountain in Qijiang District

Gujian Mountain, located in Qijiang District, Chongqing, is hailed as a Buddhist holy land in Southwest China. Gujian Scenic Area covers an area of about 100 square kilometers, with the highest peak Jigongzui reaching 1,300 meters above sea level. As China’s forest health-preserving city and a national geological heritage park, it is home to the rare Danxia landforms, high mountains, and canyons, a variety of national-level protected animals and primitive ancient trees. It also commands scores of natural and cultural landscapes, such as the thousand-year-old Jingyin Temple, Huajia Village, and Leigu Rock.

Gujian Mountain, located in Qijiang District, Chongqing, is hailed as a Buddhist holy land in Southwest China.

The Glamour of Buddhism Lies in Zen Ideology

Gujian Mountain Avenue

In the well-known Buddhist sacred land in Southwest China, the Jingyin Temple on the mountaintop enjoys excellent popularity among devotees. The melodious chant here can drag people out of earthly trifles.

The skyscraping stone trail with nearly 800 steps is as steep as a ladder against the cliff, like a ribbon that floats down the mountain and hangs on the peak.

Walking through the monastery, you can indulge yourself in the rapidly changing world when overlooking from the edge of the cliff. The scenery is especially imposing when it snows.

The beauty of Cloud Sea like A Dream in the Mind

The Jingyin Temple

The cloud sea here was selected as one of the new “Twelve Attractions in Bayu Region” in Chongqing. Standing in the sea of clouds on the mountaintop, you can watch the sun rising and falling. The sea of clouds is as close as you can reach on sunny days.

When you reach the mountaintop, the spectacular sea of clouds will come into view more clearly, bearing an incredible view.

The Appeal of Delicacy Exists in Superb Taste

Spicy Beidu Fish

Anyone who has been to Qijiang will agree that Beidu Fish is the essence of Qijiang’s delicacies.

Spicy Beidu Fish: Through pouring boiling oil with condiments over fresh black carp, this dish blends spiciness with pungency.

Boiled Beidu Fish with Pickled Cabbage and Chili: It bears lingering flavor combining mild spiciness and sour taste.

Boiled Beidu Fish with Sliced Tomato: As the most characteristic cuisine of Beidu fish, the fish is as tender as tofu and the soup is incredibly tasty.

Travel Guide

Self-driving: Main urban area — Chongqing-Guizhou Expressway (exit at Gujian Mountain) — Gujian Scenic Area

By train: Chongqingxi Railway Station — Qijiangdong Railway Station — Take a taxi directly to Gujian Mountain (about RMB 50)

By car: Nanping Sigongli Junction Station — Qijiang District — Take Bus No. 207 or Bus No. 103 and then transfer to Bus No. 504


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A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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