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Hechuan Diaoyu Fortress

The Diaoyu Fortress locates in Hechuan District, also named Dianjiang in ancient times. It used to be the capital of kingdom Ba during the Period of the Spring and Autumn and the Warring States. Loftily situated in the Fishing hill to the south side of Jialing River and surrounded by Jialing River, Fujiang River, and Qujiang River, Diaoyucheng City locates on steep cliffs. The wall of the city was piled up by huge stones, serving as the firm barricade against enemies’ attack.


A forest alley at Diaoyu Fortress

As a national emphasis cultural relic unit, the Diaoyu Fortress is one of the 10 cultural symbols in Chongqing, covering 2.5 km2. It is also an ancient battlefield. There was a battle for the defense of Diaoyu Fortress, “Siege of Diaoyu Castle” in 1259. On the one hand, was the final battle between the Song Empire and the Mongolian army. On the other hand, it was a battle, which changed the history of China and the world. 


The gate there

The main viewings of sites here contain the gate, the palace, the military camp, water army wharf, and so on. Meanwhile, other scenic spots including Diaoyutai Islands, Huguo Temple, Xuanfo Temple, and so on, open to the public. Furthermore, there are poems, reliefs, and inscriptions about the site play a significant role in culture and history.

The roof indicates the long history


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