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Huangjueping Graffiti Art Street

Located in Jiulongpo District, Huangjueping Graffiti Art Street starts at the Huangjueping Railway Hospital and ends at the 501 Art Gallery, with a total length of 1.25 kilometers, covering about 50,000 square meters. It is the largest graffiti art cluster in China and even the world. Additionally, this is the original campus of Sichuan Fine Art Institute.

The idea of Huangjueping Graffiti Art Street came from Luo Zhongli, the president of Sichuan Fine Art Institute. There were more than 800 workers, students, and artists who participated in and completed the art project, costing 125,000 kilograms of paint and consumed nearly 30,000 brushes. After 150 days of hard work, 37 graffiti buildings were built and 1.25 kilometers of roads were widened. Meanwhile, there were 9,000 meters of pipelines were demolished, 2700 square meters of buildings were demolished or rebuilt, and 20 sculptures were set up. At present, the Huangjueping Graffiti Art Street completely changed the look of the whole area there.

Many people regard graffiti as the scribble on the wall but things are different on Huangjueping Graffiti Art Street. According to the Sichuan Fine Art Institute, graffiti here is the symbol of art and life. Every corner of the graffiti had been reviewed and agreed upon by residents here. Artists took advice from residents here because they will create works on the building where they live. Besides, graffiti is the most common part of Huangjueping, which becomes a kind of lifestyle there. Artists and residents there lived for a long time on the same street, colliding with unique sparks there. Most of the shops along the street sell paints, brushes, and other tools of art.

This is a perfect place to find something you really like and you can also take a photo to immerse art. Moreover, you can have a sit at Jiaotong Teahouse there, which is the old teahouse with Chongqing features.

Transportation: take bus NO. 223, 233, 244, 441, 823 to Huangjueping Street


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