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Jinyun Mountain

Jinyun Mountain, located at Wentang Gorge of Jialing River and famous for its rosy clouds, is the ecological barrier of the main urban area of Chongqing. It is a perfect choice for avoiding the summer heat, admiring the winter fog, and watching the sea of clouds and the sunrise.

In the past year, it has become more charming after a series of changes. Let’s have a closer look.


As the garden of Chongqing, Jinyun Mountain is a precious place in this city, with lots of natural resources

Jinyun Mountain Natural Reserve has 1,966 species of plants, including 51 varieties of national-class protected rare plants such as Davidia involucrata, Cathaya argyrophylla, Taxus Chinensis and Cyathea spinulosa as well as 38 species of model plants (the part of the model organism).

With high and wooded mountains, it’s really an ideal place to spend summertime in there.

The means of transportation embellish the mountain

Tourists can get to Jinyun Mountain only by bus or cable car.

The asphalt road is just like a colored ribbon tightly attached to the mountain. There are also colorful sidewalks in the mountain, trotting on which while basking in the sun cannot be more wonderful!


The cableway in Jinyun Mountain

Pictures taken on the cable car are artistic enough to be posted on WeChat. Moreover, the cableway has been covered by various creative patterns such as the hot pot and Chongqing Noodles since May 1.

QUIETLY — the “beauty mark” of Jinyun Mountain

QUIETLY, a coffee house with compact and fashionable decoration design and three glass facades allowing the outdoor scene to be enjoyed indoors meets people’s desire for enjoying nature to the maximum extent and makes the courtyard livelier and more fascinating. It’s an ideal place for drinking coffee and reading books with friends as well as a romantic spot for visiting lovebirds to propose.

The entrance of the scenic spot

The transformed entrance door integrates such functions as ticket sales, consultation, automated sales, medical care, and security. The newly decorated ecological and environmental protection exhibition hall displays beautiful image, text and video materials of dozens of rare animal and plant specimens of Jinyun Mountain.


The city from the vision of Jinyun Mountain

Beibei District Urban Management Bureau has set up landscape lighting for the scenic spot, notably at its entrance, along the roads and at traffic nodes to create a gorgeous night view.

When the night falls, the scenic spot will shine with a variety of unique and dazzling, colorful lights.

Jinyun Tower, under renovation, is located opposite to the gate of the scenic spot. As for its lighting engineering, the tower learns from advanced ideas of night scene at home and abroad and combines with the geographical environment and architectural, cultural connotation, thus carefully creating a systematic lighting landscape with near-far and dynamic-static combination. All of that renders the scene integrated and dynamic.

After the Bashan night rain, trees on Jinyun Mountain will appear more verdant, and clouds and mists are continually moving and changing, just like a fairyland.


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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