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Kaixuan Road

As the artery in and out of Chongqing in modern times, Kaixuan Road, the main road connecting the upper part and lower part in downtown Chongqing, reaches to the riverside and connects Xinhua Road to Jiefangbei in the upper part. Moreover, its steep slope and length make it unique. Recently, video clips on the elevator, land arch bridge, and Depository of Buddhist Sutra of Donghua Taoist Temple on Kaixuan Road have swept the Internet, giving Chongqing citizens a new understanding of the road.

China’s first urban passenger elevator

Kaixuan Road elevator.

To tackle the difficulties of going up and downstairs, the elevator on Kaixuan Road was established and operated in February 1986 and is still under operation today. It is the first urban passenger elevator in China, with the highest daily capacity of 14,000 passengers.

A load of residents took a look at the astonishing elevator with curiosity after its operation in 1986. “Due to the insufficient straight elevators in Chongqing, elders were willing to take the elevator to Jiefangbei despite the occasional power failure,” said a resident surnamed Zhao living in the West Jiefang Road.

The first stone arch bridge in downtown Chongqing

Yunti Street.

The perfectly straight Yunti Street can’t be ignored when it comes to the elevator on Kaixuan Road.

Featured with numerous stairs, Yunti Street is still used as a passage for facilitating residents, who can get to Jiaochangkou and Jiefangbei through a doorway at the top of Yunti Street.

Due to its huge shape, many foreign tourists and even locals have mistaken the doorway for a “city gate.” However, it is a land arch bridge on Kaixuan Road, with the introduction on the stone bridge pier: The city wall-shaped stone land arch bridge on the cliff was built to solve the problem of the gradient of over 50 meters on Kaixuan Road. As the first stone arch bridge in downtown Chongqing, it is about 80 meters long and has nine gate-shaped spans in total, with the span located in Yunti Street called Kaixuan Arch.

As a historical building in Chongqing, the land arch bridge was built in the 1940s.

The oldest wooden building in downtown Chongqing

Depository of Buddhist Sutra of Donghua Taoist Temple.

At the corner of the Middle Section of Kaixuan Road, a few hundred meters away from the elevator, there is a unique scenic spot with prominent Chongqing characteristics: the renovated Depository of Buddhist Sutra of Donghua Taoist Temple.

Depository of Buddhist Sutra of Donghua Taoist Temple, also known as Yuquan Palace and Huangjing Tower, was rebuilt in Ming and Qing Dynasties after wars and has been the oldest wooden building in downtown Chongqing for more than 700 years.

Foreign tourists and residents are surprised at such a low-key but time-honored building.

Source: Shangyou News


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