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Liziba, More than A Subway Station

As the first overhead station built across and packed with skyscrapers, Liziba station has been honored and known in the world since its inception.

Liziba Station is an overhead side platform station on Chongqing Rail Transit Line (CRT) 2. It is located at the intersection between New Jialing Road and Guihuayuan Road in Yuzhong District, Chongqing City. Jialing River lies in its north.

Liziba has been known and labeled for the transit track running through a block of flats. For the locals, in fact, Liziba is far more than a train station. It is home to folk daily lives, memories of historical wars and to numerous undiscovered stories. Now, let’s show you an integral Liziba.

Through-building Train

Liziba CRT Station was listed as a China’s 70-year Growth Landmark before the National Day.

Liziba station also attracted many tourists form all over the world every year.

As the first overhead station built across and packed with skyscrapers, it has been honored and known in the world since its inception. Any visitor on his first trip here, whether sitting in the train or looking up from the viewing platform, can be amazed when watching the train “disappearing” through the high-rise block.

It is no accident that Liziba became a China’s 70-year Growth Landmark. Embedded with the wisdom of connecting apartments with light-rail transit, Liziba takes the lead in pushing the Mountain City’s public transport forward, without a stop. Besides this incredible transport, Liziba is full of gentle and tough stories.

Chongqing’s First Anti-Japanese War Relics Park

Liziba Anti-Japanese War Relics Park, the first park of its kind in Chongqing, is merely several hundred meters from the CRT station.

Liziba Anti-Japanese War Relics Park is the first park of its kind in Chongqing.

The park may often be missed by many visitors, but observant visitors may find a hidden ancient scenery line along Jialing River as well as the history and culture of Chongqing as the alternate capital during the anti-Japanese war. Rain-wet stairs, towering ancient trees and blocks of historical buildings have seen a multitude of changes in Liziba.

Gao’s Residence, Former Residence of Li Gengu, Liu Xiang Residence and Liziba Stonewatch, sitting quietly like old men, are always ready to tell you the wartime stories they’ve been through. Paved by blood and sweat, the ancient path in Liziba never lacks memories of painstaking efforts. The flourishing and peaceful Chongqing today deserves a visit by people all around the world.

Images of old city lives

Inside Liziba flows the stories of glory days; on the surface, it is filled with slices of everyday life, passing on from generation to generation.

Old-style residential buildings pervade here.

Lichened overpasses, peeling walls and homemade pot plants on the balconies, ordinary, yet add interest and charm to the locals’ daily lives.

Old buildings in Liziba.

On the street, creepers wind around electric wires throughout the year, striving to get to the ground and turn into a natural green curtain before the cleaners come.

Tailor’s stalls rarely seen today are yet standing on the street of Liziba. It’s hard to imagine how long the tailors have been concentrating on their work at the sewing machine under the dim light.

Bangbangs (porters) are sitting in front of the vegetable market, waiting for their good luck of the day. Floating vendors have found their own way of life — hawking around high streets and back lanes with their distinctive dialects.

For 15 years, Liziba have witnessed the growth of Chongqing. From multiple perspectives, you’ll find this glorious landmark also needs civil life to sustain its warmth and strength. There're no other landmarks like Liziba that takes in all the growing trends and the vicissitudes of life, whether in history or in the future. This is Liziba, the 70-year growth landmark of the People’s Republic of China!

Source: Shangyou News


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