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Longmenhao Old Street

The whole scenic spot of Longmenhao Old Street has a total land area of about 540 mu (360,000 square meters) and a total construction area of approximately 180,000 square meters. It is the best-preserved and largest historical and cultural old street in urban Chongqing.

Thousands of years ago, on the south bank of the Xinjie River, there was a gap in the middle of the stone beam in the river, looking like a gate.

People in the past call this gap Longmen, which means the gate of the dragon.

On the other side, the water inside the gap formed a small lake naturally, which was called Hao in the local language. Therefore, this place had the name Longmenhao.

Longmenhao Old Street integrates the port culture, war culture, and Bayu culture (local culture of Chongqing), making the place even more charming. At present, the Zaoziwan Street of Longmenhao is backed by Nanshan Mountain, near the Dongshuimen Bridge on the right and 1891 Times Mall on the left. Also, it faces the Yangtze River and under the Yangtze River Cableway. Because of its unique location, Longmenhao Old Street provides a perfect place for visitors to enjoy the bustling Chongqing.

Longmenhao Old Street contains 18 historic buildings, including the old site of Chongqing Custom, American embassy office, Sin Hua Trust and Savings Bank Limited, and Italy embassy office, and more.

Rugged landscapes of buildings lie by hills. All materials are chosen from old building or demolition areas, a brick, a tile, and even a stone. Windows of the site of the Italian embassy are made by old wood and old brick without any modern granites. To keep vintage, colors of lights at Longmenhao Street are all archaic with warm-tone as the main. Meanwhile, for better viewing, Longmenhao Street sets a lookout platform with gorgeous neon lights.


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