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Luojiatuo Miao Village, the Largest Miao Village in Chongqing

In Pengshui Miao and Tujia Autonomous County sits Chongqing’s largest Miao village, Luojiatuo Miao Village. In Luojiatuo stands over 250 timber-structure stilted buildings, forming the home of over 350 Miao people of more than 80 families. Getting its name from the unified surname of all its villagers–Luo Luojiatuo has a history of more than 500 years. In 2012, Luojiatuo was listed among the first batch of “Characteristic Ethnic Minority Villages” by the National Ethnic Affairs Commission.

Luojiatuo Miao Village, the Largest Miao Village in Chongqing.

Located in Luojiatuo Miao Village, Fulu Villa consists of a central building with two wing buildings attached perpendicular to either side. The two-story column-and-tie timber-structure buildings have single-eave overhanging gable roofs tiled with Chinese-style tiles. It’s generally well preserved, and its ancient-style window lattices and plinths directly reflect the characteristics of traditional dwellings in Luojiatuo Miao Village.

Miao Village remains the traditional architectural style.

The architecture is composed of over ten rooms of different sizes. Looking inside from outside, you’ll get a sense of quietness and recesses. Looking around in the courtyard, you can see the column-and-tie timber-structure doors, walls, windows and steps, elegant window lattices, roomy and bright space, and experience the quiet, livable environment.

The village is built leaning the mountain.

The village is built leaning the mountain. The timber-structure stilted buildings are either in the type of fully-closed courtyard or in the kind of semi-closed wing-room, full of sense of layering.

The Miao village is full of green.

Since 2016, focusing on the integration of agriculture and tourism as well as culture and tourism, Pengshui has been promoting the upgrading and transformation of Luojiatuo Miao Village in three phases. By far, projects featuring countryside landscape, lotus pond scenery, and Miao customs have been completed, fully demonstrating the new look of the village from four aspects: Miao culture, farming culture, countryside culture, and paddy culture.


Route: Main urban area- Inner Ring Expressway – Baotou-Maoming Expressway – Dayan Tunnel – Pengshui


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