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Meixin Wine Town

Located in Fuling District, Meixin Wine Town is a tourist attraction combining the characteristics of Chinese and Western cultures. Based on wine culture, the town is a Western European style town. Meanwhile, Meixin Wine Town has two parts - the mountain amusement park and the water amusement park.

Meixin Group settled the wine town in Fuling District, which is about 50 kilometers away from the urban Chongqing, spending 40 minutes driving from the urban city to Meixin Wine Town. Moreover, it is a featured town, which combines characteristics of ecotourism, culture, amusement, and outdoor sports.

Also, visitors can have authentic French meals and taste sweet homemade wine here. Vineyards were artificially divided into small pieces, which were sub-leased to the people, who mostly belong to rurality lovers, and then the farmers and workers in the town took care of the renters. In the grape harvest season, people can pick grapes under the trellis, or make home-style grapes into sweet wine under the guidance of winemakers.

Meanwhile, Meixin Wine Town is near to Linshi Ancient Town and Lixiang Stream, which make the wine town a better leisure place. In addition to the exploration of the wine town, Linshi Ancient Town is going to be developed as a rural-themed attraction. Visitors here can experience traditional crafts, such as brew wine and vinegar, spin, weave, and more.

Transportation: Urban city – Chayuan Road – Yuba Road – Fuling District – Meixin Wine Town


Yuba Road, Fuling District


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