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Nanshan Mountain

Nanshan Mountain, located in the downtown of Chongqing, is a leisure destination for citizens. Though familiar with this site, people may not know its mysterious history. In the ancient time, people call the Nanshan Mountain at the Nan’an District of Chongqing “Tushan Mountain”. And this anticlinal mountain is situated by the south bank of the Yangtze River. It starts from Tongluo Gorge to the north and stretches to Jinzhu Gully to the south. It is a 5A scenic spot. Locals and tourists alike flock here to enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, sights, viewing platforms, country manors, as well as the natural environment. 


Nanshan Mountain, located in the downtown of Chongqing, is a leisure destination for citizens

Alongside the Yangtze River, over ten peaks rise straight from the ground. They include Jiangshan Mountain, Laojun Mountain, Wenfeng Mountain, Tushan Mountain, etc. They have formed a bright contrast with time-honored architectures of Tushan Temple, Laojun Dong, and Dafo Temple. Under their embellishment, Chongqing, the mountain city, is more than beautiful. Obtaining the honor of “lung lobes” of Chongqing, Nanshan Mountain serves as an ideal destination for mountaineering enthusiasts. The total area is about 2,500 hectares, and the average altitude is over 400 meters.

Walking Route on the Mountain:

CRT Line 6, Shangxinjie Station—Laojun Dong—Tushan Temple—Nanshan Botanical Garden—Chongqing Historic Sites Museum of the War of Resistance against Japan—Yikeshu Viewing Platform—Shangxin Street

The total round-trip walking distance is about 18.1 kilometers, costing about 4.5 hours (sightseeing time excluded).

Nanshan Botanical Garden

The Nanshan Botanical Garden in Chongqing is a national 4A scenic spot, and the TOP10 attractions in this city. Located at Nanshan Mountain, it collects the subtropical lowland plant resources in China. Centered on building a garden with ornamental plants, it is striving to preserve, collect, and plant special plant varieties. Integrating science popularization and landscape art exhibition, it is also an ornamental garden with lowland plants.


The blooming tree Nanshan Botanical Garden

Among the spring attractions are the lush Nanshan Botanical Gardens, which has occupied over 500 hectares along the peaks since they opened back in 1999. There are over 5000 species of plant life across the landscaped parks and themed garden exhibits. These include a 7000 square meter greenhouse for 1,646 plant breeds in total from home and abroad. It mainly has the nine sub-gardens for roses, plum blossoms, orchids, the world’s endangered plants, camellias, plum blossoms and sweet-scented osmanthus, bonsai art, etc


Oriental cherry blossoms in flower at Nanshan Botanical Gardens


Inside the main park entrance, stepping stones lead across a water feature to a wooden cabin


An idyllic Japanese bonsai garden inside Nanshan Botanical Gardens

Chongqing Historic Sites Museum of the War of Resistance against Japan

It is located at the eastern end of the forest zones of Nanshan Mountain, with its two sides by the Jialing. Among the coverage area of over 500 mu, the cultural relic ruins take 4,053 square meters. In the 60th Victory Memorial Year of Chinese People’s War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, Chongqing renovated the “Alternative Capital Site at Huangshan Mountain” and built this museum.

It serves as a base of patriotic education and a comprehensive scenic spot by integrating historical war sites and naturally-formed landscapes. The museum also boasts profound resources of culture, nature, and tourism. It has preserved 15 historical building ruins, revealing the development and transformation of modern architectures in Southwestern China. Besides, the museum also has significant reference value for studying the history of the last-century architectures in Chongqing.

Yikeshu Lookout Point

Yikeshu Lookout Point is on the Nanshan Mountain. It is a perfect site for visitors in Chongqing to enjoy the sight of night sceneries of this city. On the basis that the original facilities and style were unchanged, the sightseeing space extended backward. The designers have built outdoor leisure areas and 14 body-building items, thus expanding the leisure space. Then, visitors will enjoy the city landscapes in the daytime and night sceneries in evenings.


The tree of the lookout point, which is also the origin of the name

The eight embossments in the hall further present the cultural connotations of the Bayu region. And the fourth, fifth, and sixth floors are water bar, tea house, and VIP lounge respectively. In addition, there is a sightseeing elevator, which can take 20 people, and a protected stairway outside of the pavilion. This design will make it more convenient for visitors to enjoy the city sceneries and optimize traffic and safety.


The viewing from Yikeshu Lookout Point

There are another six high-beam colored spotlights and ancillary lighting projects. Therefore this pavilion, decorated by the beautiful lights, is as charming as a crystal palace. In the leisure zone, there is kiosk, gallery, and a fitness area covering over 2,000 square meters. 14 body-building items are for old, middle-aged, and young people and children, further expanding its functions.

Nanshan Hotpot Street

Over 20 hotpot restaurants scattered on the three-kilometer-long street are serving various hotpots you want.

Coming here at nightfall, you will catch a delightful sight of the brilliantly-illuminated street. With guests sitting in the restaurants, the cars of foreign visitors are in long queues outside. Taking photos around, some visitors say that they are here not only for the hotpot but the beautiful sceneries.


The bird's eye view of the hot pot street

The Walkway of Longji Mountain

Longji Mountain is a section of the Zhenwu Mountain Range (commonly known as Nanshan Mountain). It is located in the Chongqing Technology and Business University of Nan’an District, Chongqing. The walkway is one of the best sites for fitness. The hiking route of Longji Mountain is a circle, whose two entrances are only 30 meters away from each other. Visitors need one and a half hours to cover all the way on foot.

As this walkway is stretching along the ridge like a spiraling-up dragon, people call it Longji Mountain (Dragon Ridge Mountain). We recommend you to go hiking on a sunny day, and you will obtain a clear panorama of Nanping, Chongqing. This picturesque scenery is far more than beautiful.


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