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Nature Reserve of Chongqing Longshui Gorge

Chongqing-Nature Reserve of Chongqing Longshui Gorge locates over Yangshui River Grand Canyon in Wulong County. It is noted for the cluster of giant dolines, natural bridges, shafts, and waterfall. Meanwhile, it is of large-scale and easy to access, and it is the biggest national geologic park in Chongqing. It looks like a giant gap of the ground so that it is also called Difeng (the crevice of the earth). Besides, it is a Karst wonder in Wulong District.

Gorgeous landscape 

The Gorge has five kilometers long with two kilometers' water trip. Meanwhile, the gorge is 200-500 m deep. The crevice, caves, and gorge comprise the major landscape there. According to the old sayings, tour Nature Reserve of Chongqing Longshui Gorge will learn about geological changes with more than hundreds of years. Visitors can enter the crevice with more than hundreds of meters to look up at the sky. Also, visitors can walk along with the river inside the gorge to enjoy the nature there.

There is an elevator to the hillside and then walk down to the bottom of the gorge. Walking along with the river, visitors can enjoy the waterfalls, rivulets, and original plant cover. Moreover, on the two sides of the footpath, there are all cliffs with green plants. It can offer visitors a fresh breath. 


The footpath for visitors at the Nature Reserve of Chongqing Longshui Gorge

Moreover, it was designated as a most potential nominee to be a candidate for declaring world geologic park. This park in whole is an integrated Karst landform, which consisting the world’s greatest nature bridge cluster. In addition, it is the second-largest giant doline cluster, as well as spectacular shafts. Endowed with so many wonders by nature, it is not only a tourist attraction but also an ideal place for scientific study and to witness geological evolution.


The overlooking angle of Wulong Tiankeng Difeng Nature Reserve

Furthermore, many movies chose this gorgeous place to shoot. For example, Transformers and Curse of the Golden Flower filmed one shot here.

Foodie alert:  A bowl of muttons, wild bamboo shoots, and fishes are the most recommended food there. However, there are few choices of food inside the scenic area. Therefore, it is best for visitors to seek food at the Fairy Town outside the scenic area. 


The film Transformers filmed a shot here

Transportation: Inner-city Highway – Baotou-Maoming Highway (G65) – The Nature Reserve of Chongqing Longshui Gorge


787 County Road, Wulong


85 RMB/person

Open 9:00-16:00


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