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Return to the Three Gorges - the Return of Traditional Chinese Culture

Fengjie, a battle-tested city, is also a romantic and ancient city in Chongqing. This passionate and vibrant modern new city is positioned as a green ecological county and a regional function center on the Yangtze River Economic Belt. It is entirely built The first tourist destination of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River – a place with beautiful nature, profound history, and erudite culture.

To promote A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal, Fengjie County created a large-scale live-action performance Return to the Three Gorges. Taking poetry as the mainline of the show, the famous international director, Zhang Yimou, built the stage with the vast expanse of the Yangtze River and created a magnificent poem feast for Fengjie. At the beginning of the Three Gorges, Fengjie is continually trying to develop a tourist destination by integrating tourism and culture. The show was planned and discussed in 2017 while to be constructed in 2017 officially. The word “return” implies that it is not only the coming of a high-tech stage performing system but also the return of traditional Chinese culture.

The stage on the river is a performance floating platform, which is the world's largest and most technically complex performing arts project on the inland waterway. In the meantime, all performances are given on water. An on-water platform was constructed for spectator seats to meet the demand for the production, with a full-load displacement of 9,500 tons. It is 111.6 meters long while 32 meters width, which can serve 1,738 spectators at a time. Also, they construct the on-water performance platform with a full-load displacement of 20,000 tons, with 160.8 meters long and 54 meters width.

As a new and creative performance with high-tech, Return to the Three Gorges requires a high degree of cooperation between actors and the stage machinery. The stage gives up the traditional design but chooses simple elements and images instead to provides the artistic conception of Tang and Song poetry. The performance conveyor is driven by double heads to ensure the stability of the closed-loop of the chain. The length of the conveyor belt is 120 meters, and the carrying capacity is 4 tons, which owns the first length and bearing capacity in China.

The performance picks ten poems of six poets to present the backstories between poets and the Three Gorges to spectators. Audiences enjoy emotions, such as love, hatred, sorrow, and joy, of poets visually within 60 minutes.

On the dream-like Yangtze River, through ancient and modern times, things keep changing, but the poetic soul of the Three Gorges is always in the rivers and mountains for a long time.

Notice: The performance had been in its off-season. During the off-season, the program will be optimized and upgraded, and the performance of Wumei machinery and equipment will be thoroughly overhauled and maintained. The specific start time will be announced separately.


Baidi Village, Baidi Town, Fengjie County


200 yuan/person

Open 19:00 – 20:00 each day, except bad weather and equipment maintenance and debugging


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