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Ronghui Hot Spring

Ronghui hot springs is a multi-functional entertainment park that provides visitors with multiple modes of recreation. The place includes a German-style health spa hall, outdoor hot spring area, dynamic water park area, indoor leisure area, Ronghui 39° gym. The total business area of the project is 38,000 square meters. The hot spring center is also equipped with a featured food restaurant, health therapy room, sunshine SPA room, VIP exclusive area, large lounge, chess and card room, internet cafe, parent-child area, energy room, and other leisure and entertainment facilities. While enjoying the pleasure of living in the gurgling hot springs, you can also realize the needs of travel, leisure, dining, entertainment. 

Ronghui Hot Spring.

The outdoor hot spring area: a couple is taking a bath in the spring.

Water quality of the hot spring

The daily water volume is about 5,000 tons, and the water outlet temperature is 54℃. The spring here is rich in the fluoride of metsilicic acid and metaboric acid, strontium medical hot mineral water components. The water quality belongs to calcium sulfate spring, it has a higher auxiliary effect for skin, nervous system, and sports system diseases, with extremely medical, health and beauty value.

The hot spring water comes from rock formations more than 1,800 meters underground, which is rich in more than ten kinds of natural minerals.

The medical value of calcium and magnesium sulfate spring is mainly due to the dense convergence of calcium and the increased metabolism of sulfate. When bathing, it can dry skin, remove sebum, treat trauma and diabetes. When you drink the water, it can increase appetite, promote stone excretion and other effects. When you breathe in the spring water, it can inhibit the secretion of respiratory mucosa.

Health therapy /SPA

Health therapy /SPA, health restaurant, and health series pool are set in the spring.

Health pool integrates traditional Chinese medicine bath therapy and international fashionable aromatherapy, adding carefully prepared Chinese herbs, essential oils and other raw materials in the hot spring pool to form the characteristic hot spring bath with various curative effects.

Outdoor health medicine pool.

Dynamic water park

In summer, the hot weather may leave you from hot spring. However, Ronghui hot spring also has a summer water park to make you enjoy a cool and refreshing summer.

Baby zone

Ronghui water park covers an area of about 8000 square meters, is a personalized and entertainment open-air water park. In summer, the park offers tourists with cool iced spring, lets you enjoy the tenderness of water. And it becomes children’s water paradise, adult’s magic water world.

The dynamic water park, including a baby zone, swimming pool, spiral slide, raft slide, sleigh slide, and other water rides.

The water park has an elevation difference of nearly 100 meters, and various water projects follow the mountains. The design is ingenious and unique, just like a three-dimensional magic water world. Using the characteristics of water and people’s creativity, to create a happy dynamic water paradise. It is a carnival paradise for young people and a wonderful world of family happiness.

Healthy catering

The ronghui hot spring also provides healthy and tasty dishes. The restaurant’s new open kitchen offers global cuisine. With the cooking concept of “fresh from the oven”, it presents the fresh and delicious taste of stir-frying. Besides, the decoration style has a unique style, there are translucent giant French window and dense spring scenery in front of you, which let visitors experience an unprecedented food feast.

The hot spring’s restaurant.

The basic information of Ronghui Hot Spring: 

Location: Ronghui Hot Spring Center, No.6 Huiquan Street, Shapingba District, Chongqing

Contact number: 023-65269999

Opening hours: 10:00 – 01:00 ( Sunday to Thursday)

             24 hours (Friday, Saturday and Holiday)

Transportation guide:


  1. Chongqing Jiang Bei airport → Airport expressway → Renhe direction → Shapingba district Yanggongqiao direction → Hongchoufang exit→ Ronghui hot spring.
  2. Downtown Chongqing → Chongqing inner-ring expressway→ Shapingba district Yanggongqiao or Hongchaofang exit→ Ronghui hot spring.

Bus route:

  1. Take CRT to Shapingba three gorges square station from downtown Chongqing → take No. 267 bus and get off at Dadui station → 800 meters’ walking → Ronghui hot spring.
  2. Take CRT to Shapingba three gorges square station from downtown Chongqing → take bus No. 228 and 224 to the terminus of Ronghui hot spring center.


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