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Testbed 2 Arts Center


Originally built in 1937 and located at the highest point of the Yuzhong Peninsula in Chongqing, Testbed 2 is a sprawling new art location and a scenic viewing spot. From here, you can easily see the Jialing and Yangtze rivers. Testbed 2 is conveniently located near other famous locations in Chongqing, such as E’ling park, Liziba Subway station, A war of resistance against Japan memorial park, and the former residence of American General Stillwell.

Before becoming an arts center, Testbed 2 was a printing factory. The banknote printing press for the Chinese Central bank was located here, specializing in printing banknotes, tax receipts, stamps, and other valuable securities.

One of the streets of Testbed 2 is located near E’Ling park in Chongqing. /Mikkel Larsen


Between the 1950s and 1970s, most colored paper in the Chongqing market was printed from this location. In the decades that have passed, these printing factories have been long closed, and it was later renamed as the Second Factory Cultural and Creative Park, or what is today known as Testbed 2.

The location is also featured in a movie called I belonged to you. And this movie has a lot to do with why many people visit this location today. There are also many photogenic spots around Testbed 2 due to its old-style factory and industrial feel. Now, of course, art studios, arts and craft stores, and production studios are all located here.

Sprawling evening ligts keep Testbed 2 Alive, even in the evening. /Mikkel Larsen



In the movie I Belonged to You, one of the filming locations is City Radio. Climbing up the top here, you can enjoy a nice rooftop view of the surrounding areas, and there is even a Love Rooftop where you can enjoy an especially romantic view of the Jialing River.



The Memory Museum space was designed along with artists from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. This space showcases objects from different eras, and each little window is a window into the past, recreating the life of the employees of the second factory.T2 International Contemporary Art Center

The International Contemporary Art Center serves as an international art exchange and exhibition platform. Large international exhibitions have been held here, such as the Uruguayan Contemporary Art Exhibition, Lianzhou International Photography Exhibition, Chongqing Intelligent Manufacturing New Media Art Exhibition, and many others. There are more exhibitions to come, so make sure you check their calendar.



The Testbed 2 Arts Center also makes for an excellent photo location. Testbed 2 is very well decorated, and you can find many different styles mixed and matched with each other throughout the space. Of course, the most prominent of all is the old industrial style that is a remnant of the past printing factories located here.

A big sign from Testbed 2 /Mikkel Larsen

Of course, as with any trendy location in Chongqing, you can find an assortment of different food and beverage stores. No location in Chongqing is complete without Hotpot. /Mikkel Larsen


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