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Tongjing: Enjoy Springs and More in this Summer

Tongjing Scenic Spot (Tongjing for short), located in Yubei District, was developed in 1982 and opened to the public as a recreational tourism area. It is a collection of natural hot springs with 25 big and small springs inside the park.

Many people know Tongjing because of its hot springs. However, Tongjing has more than hot springs. There are mountains, valleys, amusement activities, and limestone caves for visitors to explore.


Chongqing Tongjing has not only hot springs - you can experience bamboo rafts, limestone caves, and even play with monkeys there!

Closely encounter nature

Tongjing provides about ten bamboo rafts for visitors to cross the river. Skylines on both sides look like a small Three Gorges, and are called the “Small Three Gorges in Tongjing.” Therefore, a bamboo raft is perfect transport for visitors to enjoy nature during the waterway to the land.


Natural skyline you can enjoy when taking a bamboo raft

There is a unique and fantastic place along the water – a habitat of wild monkeys. The Small Three Gorges in Tongjing is also called Monkey Valley since there are many wild monkeys live there. Meanwhile, visitors can have interactive activities with those wild but gentle monkeys, such as feeding or playing with them.


Monkeys in Tongjing

Tips: Do not stare at one monkey but look around. Prolonged and intense eye contact will provoke the monkey, who will become more aggressive.

The mysterious but attractive cave

Located among mountains, the karst landform in Chongqing is famous in China and even around the world. Limestone caves, also called solutional caves or karst caves, can be found in Chongqing everywhere. Although forming slowly over thousands of years, those mysterious caves are now ready to be presented to the public.


A limestone in Ganying Cave

There are more than 70 limestone caves in Tongjing and Ganying Cave is especially natural without over development. It is the cave of feeling, which local people believe that if pray sincerely and the Buddha will feel them at last.

It consists of both a water route navigated by boat and the land route. You can see the clear water, enjoy the stalactites and stalagmites, with exciting shapes your host will describe, such as animals or figures in the stones. Besides, you can also see and hear bats in the top of the cave. After landing, you can find the underground water flows down limestones, and you can even drink the water.

Amazing hot springs in Tongjing

As mentioned previously, Tongjing has many natural springs. Walking in the spring area, the smell of Sulphur blows your face, which is the smell of nature. There are 48 spring pools in the spring area.


The flower pool in the spring area

In addition to hot springs for winter, Tongjing also has cold springs for summer. Cold springs with lemon, mint, cucumber are prepared for summer to cool you down under the heat. In the meantime, springs with milk, flowers, and some Chinese herb are recommended for girls. Moreover, there is the fish treatment for you, which can do a soft massage your feet.


The cold spring with lemon

Furthermore, there is a hotel in the spring area and a unique dozen rooms with hot spring inside the room. You can totally integrate yourself into nature.


A foreigner laughs at the first experience of the fish treatment

Transportation: Chongqing Ring Expressway – Baotou-Maoming Highway – Caotong Road

Hotel: Start from 260 RMB/room


NO. 66 Jingquan Road, Yubei District, Chongqing


Spring ticket is 108 RMB/person from Monday to Thursday and 138 RMB/person from Friday to Sunday. Natural skyline ticket is 88 RMB/person. The set ticket is 178 RMB/person from Monday to Thursday and 208 RMB/person from Friday to Sunday

Open 8:00 - 24:00


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