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Travel Tips in Hong'en Temple Forest Park

In Hong’en Temple Forest Park, Jiangbei District sits a pseudo-classic example of architecture, Hong’en Pavilion. It is a 7-story high building with an altitude of 468m, higher than the 437.5m top Yikeshu Viewing Platform in Nanshan Mountain, making it the most elevated viewing platform in downtown Chongqing.

The night view of Hong’en Temple

Hong’en Forest Park adjoins Guanyinqiao business district in the east. Covering an area of about 0.73 km2, it is home to tens of thousands of flowers of all seasons, including malus spectabilis, Yulan magnolia, and osmanthus fragrance. The park features various themed scenic spots: Gunxue Tinggui, Qintai Jieyuan, and Hongyan Liuying

Mount Hong’en Pavilion and you’ll have a sweeping view of the city, from Guanyinqiao in the east, Beibin Road in the south, Shimen Bridge in the west to Huahuiyuan (Flower Garden) in the north. When night falls, the charms of the city and the Jialing River are perfectly combined here.

Tips for Photography

Hong’en Temple Forest Park

It is an excellent choice to visit Hong’en Park on a sunny afternoon, where you will enjoy the beautiful scenery during the day without missing the splendid view at night. Just imagine how gorgeous it will be when the sunsets.

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In Hanfu, in Ancient Style

A girl wears a beautiful Hanfu to take a photo in front of the gate.

Why not wear a beautiful Hanfu (Ancient Chinese clothing) to take some excellent ancient-style photos in front of the imitation antique building? The Hanfu of Han, Tang, Song, and Ming Dynasties are all a perfect match for the towers, pavilions, terraces, courtyard walls, and corridors here!

7:00-7:30 pm, Dazzling Hong’en Pavilion

At 6:30 pm, the decorative lighting of Hong’en Pavilion will come on one by one. By 7:00 pm, all lights will be turned on. By this time, any photo was taken here, whether by a mobile phone or camera, will be brilliant. On a beautiful day, it will also be fun to take a time-lapse photo for the moon and post it on social media.

How to get there:

Take Bus Line 631 to Hong’en Temple Park Station; or Line 113 to Sujiawan Station.



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