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Tushan Sculpture Park

Do you want to enjoy beautiful Chongqing? There is a perfect place hidden in the woods at the top of Nanshan Mountain—Tushan Sculpture Park. There is a viewing platform there, where they can see a panoramic view of the Yuzhong Peninsula.


The panoramic view of the Yuzhong Peninsula, and “Two Rivers and Four Riversides” from Tushan Sculpture Park

A Sculpture Park Hidden in the Woods

The entrance of Tushan Sculpture Park is marked by a wooden pavilion on the left side of the road halfway up Nanshan Mountain. However, visitors can only get there on foot for now since the park has been deserted long ago.


The wood pavilion

Following the winding road for dozens of meters over a hill, visitors will leave the bustling city behind and enter the serene woods. Warm sunshine falls on the road through the canopy of leaves overhead; birds sing on trees, and the scent of spring flowers is all around.


The winding road

Walking another 10 minutes, visitors will arrive at, what is said to be the steepest slope in the main urban area of Chongqing, 30 meters long with an average angle of approximately 20 degrees.

There are carvings of engraved myths on the rock along the steep slope, including legends such as Goddess Nv Wa Patches up the Sky, Kuafu Chases the Sun, Jingwei Fills up the Sea, Hou Yi Shoots the Suns and Chang E Flies to the Moon.


Carvings about engraved myths

A Panoramic View of Chongqing at Night

Walking about 5 minutes along the steep slope, visitors will meet a giant sculpture of dragon head and know they have got to the top of the Park. Two Chinese characters of “Tu Shan” were engraved on the cliff under the sculpture. Although the park is called the sculpture park, sculptures are not many people’s main destinations. A traditional courtyard sits beside the sculpture, where the viewing platform opens up to the city skyline.


The panoramic view of the Yuzhong Peninsula, and “Two Rivers and Four Riversides” from Tushan Sculpture Park

Standing on the platform visitors can see all of Yuzhong Peninsula, with its “two rivers and four riversides”. It is a perfect place to relax. Visitors can unwind, sit on the rock and immerse themselves in the breeze. It is also a perfect place to watch a beautiful sunset beyond the flowing Yangtze and Jialing Rivers. When night falls and the skyline comes alive with lights, Chongqing will present another visual feast for visitors.

There are many hiking trails established around Tushan Sculpture Park—the one towards the bottom of the mountain leads to the Yitianmen Community. 


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A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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