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Wanzhou Grand Waterfalls

Wanzhou, an 1800-year-honored district, which becomes the important node, embracing the Bachu culture, immigrant culture, Three Gorges culture, etc. It also enjoys many natural and cultural scenic spots, such as Wanzhou Grand Falls, the Tanzhang Gorge, Bell Tower on Xishan Mountain,  etc., including 10 National Tourist Attractions. Wanzhou Grand Waterfalls locates in the central part of Wanzhou County, where is 2285 km away from the Chongqing urban area. In addition, it is one of the important scenic areas of the Three Gorges.


Wanzhou Grand Waterfall is an important node, embracing the Bachu culture, immigrant culture, Three Gorges culture, etc

Wanzhou Grand Waterfall is the central scenic spot, becoming the No.1 (the widest) waterfall in Asia. It covers 9739.5m2, with 151m wide and 64.5m high. Meanwhile, it serves two exciting highlights to visitors: the extraordinary rainbow on a clear day, and the 360°panorama sight viewing.

There are 4 parts: Wanzhou Grand Waterfalls, Ganning Lake, Guanfeng Academy of Classical Learning (“Shuyuan” in Chinese) and Xiaoyao Mountain Villa. Visitors can go sightseeing there year-round. The area is in the subtropical zone, and each of the four seasons here differs from one another. Several rare plant species, such as Camphor, Chinese redbud, Nanmu, and adzuki, are found here.

The main scenic spot, Qinglong Waterfall, is considered the No.1 waterfall in Asia. The water flows year-round with a thunderous sound. The magnificent natural place shocks every visitor who sees it. On a sunny day, visitors can also see a beautiful rainbow. It makes the place seem like a fairyland or heaven. The scenic area also includes other scenic spots, such as Qinglong Cave, Shuiliandong and others. There are also cultural relics, such as General Ganning’s Hometown from the Three Kingdoms Period and the Former Residence of He Qifang, a famous poet.



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