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Wulong Karst Geological Park

Wulong Karst National Geology Park, an important part of South China Karst, is situated at the lower reaches of the Wujiang River in southeast Chongqing. It was named as a world natural heritage by UNESCO in 2007. Wulong Karst features spectacular karst landscapes, including the three main parts of Furong Cave, Three Natural Bridges, Houping Giant Doline (Houping Tiankeng) and other scenic spots.

Wulong Tiansheng Three Bridges

Wulong Tiansheng Three Bridges is a Unesco World Heritage Site located about 20km away from Wulong County and a filmmaking location for the films “Curse of the Golden Flower” and “Transformers 4”. It is a precious eco-system site that is famous for the karst topography especially the Tiankeng or natural sinkhole in the world.

Nature Reserve of Chongqing Longshui Gorge

Nature Reserve of Chongqing Longshui Gorge locates over Yangshui River Grand Canyon in Wulong County. It is noted for the cluster of giant dolines, natural bridges, shafts, and waterfall. Meanwhile, it is large-scale and easy to access, and it is the biggest national geologic park in Chongqing. It looks like a giant gap of the ground so that it is also called Difeng (the crevice of the earth). Besides, it is a Karst wonder in Wulong District.

Chongqing Wulong Fairy Mountain, National Forest Park

Fairy Mountain National Forest Park has peaks reaching up to 2023 meters, and the average temperature of this area is a pleasant 24 degrees in summer. It has grassland, rare immense forest, white snow plateau, verdant grass and forest that make it known as “eastern Switzerland” and “foremost austral pastures”.

This dreamland is unique in Chongqing. In winter, the mountain is wrapped in silver yarn with snow. Fairy Mountain is the best holiday destination to see the sight of the snow-covered landscape, and it is an ideal place for skiing. Three Natural Bridges make good shooting spots for filmmakers, as blockbusters such as Transformers, and Herowere both filmed here. Furong Cave is on Furong River and contains wonderous views inside the cave. Fairy Mountain, Three Natural Bridges, and Furong Cave are all definitely worth a visit.


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