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Yihuaili Viewing Park for Night Skyline

Located in Nanshan Mountain, Yihuali Viewing Park for Night Skyline is a gathering place of the residential-commercial buildings, with lots of Bayu-cultural features. The length of the commercial street is about 500 meters, and visitors can enjoy the skyline of five districts of Chongqing with 270 degrees.

The park as a gradient forest park is fit for exercise, and you can breathe some fresh air here or enjoy nature while hiking. Also, it is a wonderful place to take photos of several scenic spots there, such as Wentian Stone, Nanping Bell, and Bird's Nest. No matter when it is, it is always full of people enjoying the city's skyline or exercising. In addition to amazing views of skyline and nature, there are also some other amusement items (need extra fees), which can serve and entertain visitors there.

Additionally, Chongqing has a profound cultural accumulation. A large amount of intangible cultural heritage and traditional craftsmanship remain in the folk, which is a valuable asset of cultural heritage for thousands of years. Among them, traditional food skills and handmade cuisine are important components of Bayu culture. As the first market of intangible heritage culture in Chongqing, Yihuali takes the traditional artisanal food market as positioning and adopts a joint venture model, which allows craftsmen to live, produce, and sell here. In this way, it will shape a cultural cluster of traditional brands of intangible heritage culture.

Also, Yihuaili Viewing Park for Night Skyline brings many kinds of traditional food together, which includes Fulin oil laozao (fermented glutinous rice), pressed salted duck, furu (fermented bean curd), and some barbecue. Moreover, it is the hot pot town of the city, which is very famous in Chongqing, along the road from Yihuali. Many famous hotpot restraints, such as Pipa Yuan, XianlongJing, and more, are all located there.

Transportation: Urban city – Nan'an District -- Fushou Road -- Yihuaili Night View Park


Fushou Road, Nan’an District


The price is determined according to each entertainment item

Open 07:30--23:00


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