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Yunyang Longgang (Dragon Jar), National Geological Park

Longgang locates at Yunyang county, 380kms from downtown. It is the largest Karst-Shaft in the world. It looks like a huge geological jar, and it is hundreds of meters long and deep. Therefore, it named Longgang, known as “Dragon Jar” in Chinese. Its depth is the third deepest in China, and fifth in the world. In the jar, pines lie in the gap, creeping up the sides to resemble a sleeping dragon. The spectacularly strange, wonderful and colorful landscape is explained in the natural science museum in the Grand View Garden.

Yunyang Longgang (Dragon Jar) Geological Park

Yunyang Longgang (Dragon Jar) Geological Park

It has the world's longest glass cantilever bridge, 26.64 meters long and built at an altitude of 1,010 meters. Visitors can look down to view a vertical drop of 718 meters to the ground below. There are no steel supports directly below the walkways of the horseshoe-shaped viewing floors and guardrails are all transparent pieces of glass to allow visitors an unobstructed, and stunning panoramic vista.


Yunyang Longgang (Dragon Jar) Geological Park

Yunyang Longgang Geological Park has categories of karst landforms, Longgang looks like a huge geological jar that major axis is 304-326 meters, the semi-major axis is 178-183 meters, and a depth of 355 meters. The look of the scenic spot seems like a natural jar that still spread a love story of axman and dragon lady, hence the name of "the first jar in the world".

The investment in the construction of tourism site is about 40 million yuan, the architecture of the tourism center designed as the blossom on the cliff, which is a metaphor of dragon and Phoenix.

There is also Zhangfei Temple near the site of Longgang, Zhangfei is a renowned General in the era of three kingdoms (approximately 1700 years ago). There is more site for travelers to visit Yunyang County.

Yunyang Longgang (Dragon Jar) Geological Park

Yunyang Longgang (Dragon Jar) Geological Park


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