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Standards on the Materials Submitted for Foreign-Invested Enterprise Establishment and Registration (2019)

  1. Application for Company Registration (Recordation).
  2. Articles of Association. The submitted articles of association shall be the original copy signed by the legal representatives or authorizers of all investors, affixed with seals of all the investors. If the investor(s) is/are natural person(s), in-person signature(s) are required. Enterprises in the Special Administrative Measures for the Access of Foreign Investment shall submit the articles of association approved by the approval authority.
  3. Certificates on the legal status of all investors their identity certificates if they are natural persons. Chinese investors shall submit the copies of business licenses/institution legal person certificates/social organization legal entity registration certificates/private non-enterprise unit certificates, with official seals of the units, as the certificates on the legal status; foreign investors shall send their certificates on the legal status or the identity certificates to the embassy (consulate) of China in their countries for authentication after the materials have been notarized by the competent authorities of the related countries. If their countries have no established diplomatic ties with China, related materials shall be authenticated by the embassy (consulate) of any third-party country, with diplomatic relation with China, in the investors’ countries and then China’s embassy (consulate) in this third-party country. Documents issued by overseas territories of countries shall be notarized by the local authorities in the related territories and then authenticated by the countries’ diplomatic organs before being authenticated by the embassy (consulate) of China in the related countries. Investors from Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan shall provide certificates on the legal status or identity certificates together with notarized documents of their local notarial institutions in accordance with the legal special provisions or agreements.
  4. Copies of appointment documents and identity certificates of legal representatives, board directors, supervisors, and managers.
  5. The certification for lawful right touse of domiciles (business premises).
  6. A joint-stock limited company established through initiation shall submit the minutes of the shareholders’ meeting; a joint-stock limited company established through fundraising shall submit the minutes of the establishment meeting. (Submitting with materials required in Item 4 is also acceptable)
  7. Where a joint-stock limited company established through fundraising publicly issues stocks, the original or valid copy of the approval document issued by the securities regulatory authority under the State Council shall be submitted.
  8. Approval document issued by the related approval authority (duplicate 1 of the reply and the certificate of approval) (only those in the Special Administrative Measures for the Access of Foreign Investment are required).
  9. Copies of approval documents or license documents (only the enterprises, whose registering business scope involves item(s) that must be submitted for approval before registration as prescribed by laws, administrative regulations, and regulations and decisions of the State Council, are required).
  10. Acceptance Form of Commercial Recordation for Foreign-invested Enterprise and materials required for commercial establishment recordation (enterprises in the Special Administrative Measures for the Access of Foreign Investment are not required). (1 original copy)


  1. This regulation shall be applied to foreign-invested limited liability and joint-stock limited companies established in accordance with the Company Law of the People’s Republic of China, Law of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Equity Joint Ventures, Law of the People’s Republic of China on Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprises, Law of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Contractual Joint Ventures and other laws and regulations.
  2. The paper materials for application and registration and others required shall be printed on A4 paper.
  3. If the above-specified documents are written in a foreign language, the Chinese translation version shall be submitted and stamped with the seal of the translation company.
  4. Originals shall be submitted except for those marked for copies. The required copies shall have the indication that “this copy is in conformity with the original” and the signature of the applicant, or be stamped on or signed by the appointed representative or the jointly entrusted agent.

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