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Lianglu-Cuntan Free Trade Port Area

On November 12, 2008, Lianglu-Cuntan Free Trade Port Area was established by approval of the State Council. It is an important open-up platform for the Liangjiang New Area in Chongqing. Its planned area is 40 square kilometers and it has been divided into water port area and airport area. Among them, the special customs supervision zone has a planned area of 8.37 square kilometers. It is the first inland Free Trade Port Area in China, the first Free Trade Port Area with dual function of airport and water port, and the nearest Free Trade Port Area to the main urban area. The water port area is located in Cuntan, with a planned area of 2.43 square kilometers. It is close to the largest foreign trade container hub port of Yangtze River upstream – Cuntan Port, and dedicated to bonded logistics, storage, trade, settlement and exhibition functions. The airport area is located on the Yubei Lianglu Road, with a planned area of 5.94 square kilometers, fully connected with Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, dedicated to bonded processing, logistics, trade, settlement, R&D and maintenance functions.

Chongqing Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Zone

The development of Chongqing Xiyong Micro-Electronics Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as Xiyong Park) started in 2004. In order to realize the interactive development of talent advantages and emerging industries, cultivate the core competitiveness of Chongqing, Chongqing Municipal Committee together with Chongqing municipal government decided to form the specialized electronic information industry park adjacent to Chongqing University Town. Xiyong Park is located in the west of Chongqing’s main urban district, with a planned area of 34.3 square kilometers, of which 26.9 square kilometers are industrial area and 7.4 square kilometers are urban area. It is situated in an advantageous location coordinated with convenient traffic and transportation, well-equipped basic facilities and perfect service system.
In the last seven years, Xiyong Park has achieved high economic growth. In 2017, the total industrial output value reached RMB 160.1 billion, with year-on-year growth of 26%. The import and export value of foreign trade increased by 14.6% to RMB 17.14 billion, which accounted for 38% of Chongqing’s with an increase of 1.9% over last year.

Jiangjin Comprehensive Bonded Zone

Chongqing Jiangjin Comprehensive Bonded Zone was established on January 17, 2017, with the approval of the State Council. It is the third special customs supervision area after Chongqing Lianglu-Cuntan Free Trade Port Area and Xiyong Comprehensive Bonded Zone. The planned area is 2.21 square kilometers with outside supporting area of 27.9 square kilometers. On June 28, 2018, the first batch of goods was cleared by the customs. As of July 3, 2018, Jiangjin Comprehensive Free Trade Zone has introduced 40 projects, of which 27 projects have signed formal agreements, with a planned investment of RMB 29.6 billion. It is estimated that the annual operating income will be RMB 40.5 billion and the annual import and export volume will be USD 5.5 billion.

 Fuling Comprehensive Bonded Zone

In October 2018, the State Council officially approved to establish Chongqing Fuling Comprehensive Bonded Zone. This zone is located in the southwestern part of Fuling New Town, where the Yangtze River and Wujiang River Interchanges. With a planned area of 2.7 square kilometers, it has been divided into a supervised operation area, an integrated management area, a bonded logistics area and a bonded processing area. It is developed in two phases, with a first phase of construction area of 1.82 square kilometers. 
As of October 2018, four workshops and warehouses have been built up in the first phase, and the remaining areas have completed the subgrade earthwork and rockwork. The remaining infrastructure construction of the first phase started in 2018. In terms of attracting investment, the bonded processing trade base for hot pot raw materials has been officially signed, and another 5 bonded processing and cross-border e-commerce projects are on track.


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