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Yubei Holds Signing Ceremony of Major Business Invitation Projects

       On the morning of September 15, the signing ceremony of major business invitation projects of Yubei District in the third quarter of 2020 was held in Chongqing Xiantao International Big Data Valley. This is the latest achievement of Yubei District in seizing the opportunity of building the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle and speeding up the building of five 100-billion-yuan-level industrial clusters. This will not only provide strong support for ensuring stability on six fronts and maintaining security in six areas but also offer new growth drivers to Chongqing for the construction of "a powerhouse of smart manufacturing" and "a famous smart city".

  Tang Chuan, Secretary of the CPC Yubei District Committee,  said that Yubei is implementing the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important instructions, and conscientiously carrying out the work arrangements of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee and Chongqing Municipal People's Government to build five 100-billion-yuan-level industrial clusters of smart terminals, software and information services, Liangjiang International Business Center, modern consumption corridors and aviation logistics parks. It will also endeavor to carry out the Double 100,000 Program consisting of about 66.67 km2 of economic fruit forests and nearly 66.67 km2 of ecological forests. It will accelerate the construction of modern industrial clusters, collaborative innovation leading areas, inland opening-up pilot zone, and urban-rural integration demonstration areas to actively bear responsibilities in promoting the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle and the harmonious development of "one area and two clusters". It will achieve new achievements in building a new development pattern with the domestic market as the focus and domestic and international markets promoting each other. He said Yubei is an open city that provides a business-friendly environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. It's a tactical decision for enterprises to invest in Yubei and the government will sincerely provide services for enterprises, with broad prospects of cooperation between them. Today, entrepreneurs choose to invest in Yubei, fully reflecting their foresight and strategic insight, as well as their firm confidence in the long-term development of Yubei. Departments at all levels in Yubei District should fully provide services to ensure that land, employees, and energy are available. They will provide one-on-one assistance and heart-to-heart quality services to help enterprises in Yubei grow. At the same time, they hope enterprises actively practice the spirit of the contract, and accelerate the construction progress of contracted projects so as to achieve earlier commencement, production, and completion.

  The 27 projects including Air China Cargo, TRANSSION West R&D Headquarters, China Gas Heating Project, Shin Kong Place World-known Goods Fair, GAC Business Auto City, and CREC Sojourn were signed, with a total amount of contract of 32.2 billion yuan. These projects characterized by huge investment, high content of science and technology, and great growth potential cover many smart industries such as smart terminals, smart energy, and infrastructure as well as many sectors such as commerce and trade, cultural tourism, and health care. They are highly consistent with industry development directions in Yubei, and are of great significance for strengthening and extending industry chains in Yubei. They will further promote the investment promotion and project construction in Yubei District, injecting new strong impetus to the high-quality development of Yubei.


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