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Implementation Details of Policies and Measures to Further Boost Healthy Development of Market Entities

Enterprises, individual businesses, and industry associations or chambers of commerce in Chongqing,

Recently, Chongqing published Policies and Measures to Further Boost Healthy Development of Market Entities under which 45 polices and measures are proposed, covering six fields, namely, enhanced tax relief, reduction of production and operation costs, enhanced financial support to stabilize enterprises, promotion of job security and employment and business start-up, boosting of consumption and domestic need, and stabilization of industrial chains and supply chains. In order to further enable enterprises to grasp and enjoy these policies in a timely manner, the policy operation details are prepared for the reference by all enterprises concerned, such as eligible applicants, application procedures, and inquiry hotlines, etc.


Full text of Implementation Details of Policies and Measures to Further Boost Healthy Development of Market Entities


Here is the table of contents:

1. Phased reduction of the VAT rates for small-scale taxpayers

 2. Enhancement of tax relief

3. Deferment of tax payment

4. Phased reduction and exemption of social insurance premiums for enterprises

5. Deferred payment of social insurance premiums by enterprises

6. Reduction of the housing provident fund deposits

7. Reduction of broad bands and dedicated line fees

8. Extension of the loss carryover period

9. Tax exemption for charitable donations by enterprises

10. Tax exemption for free donations by individual businesses

11. Enhanced reduction and exemption of housing rentals

12. Reduction of water, electricity and gas costs of enterprises

13. Reduction and exemption of the migrant workers’ wage margin

14. Adjustment of project capital supervision & management policies

15. Deferred payment, reduction, and exemption of the urban infrastructure facility fee

16. Deferred payment of the air defense basement relocation and construction fee

17. Reduction and exemption of rentals for new agricultural entities

18. Production and sales subsidies to new agricultural entities

19. Continued cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of port logistics

20. Support to truck flights to boost international freight recovery

21. Support for transportation and infrastructure construction

22. Exemption of registration fees of medical devices and drugs

23. Deferred payment of principal and interest

24. Enhancement of credit release

25. Lending for emergent turnover

26. Reduction of loan interest rates

27. Loan interest discount for enterprises in difficulty

28. Directed credit release

29. Subsidy to the financing guarantee fee

30. Acceleration of job stabilization refund

31. Promotion of training by working

32. Subsidy to vocational skill training

33. Enhanced service and support to business start-up

34. Support for the culture and tourism industries in difficulty

35. Support to tourism enterprises to explore the market

36. Stabilization of automobile consumption

37. Promotion of green and smart consumption

38. Implementation of Chengdu-Chongqing dual-city coordinated consumption activities

39. Activation of the nighttime economy

40. Promotion of online and offline consumption

41. Promotion of healthy development of the real estate sector

42. Enhanced guarantee for production services

43. Support to the stable development of processing trade

44. Financial support for foreign trade enterprises

45. Support to home sales of foreign trade products to be exported


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