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Opening-Up Action Plan 5: Creating a Favorable Environment

The Action Plan for Chongqing to Pioneer in Opening-Up in Inland China and Serve the Belt and Road involve five aspects-  channels for opening-up, opening-up platforms, open ports, open market entities and an internationalized and enabling business environment based on the rule of law. This is about optimizing the open environment to build an international exchange center in central and western China.

Considering the significance of the environment, Chongqing will take the construction of an international first-class business environment as a foundation work to pioneer in opening-up in inland China and serve the Belt and Road. It will firmly establish a concept of “everyone stands for opening-up and everywhere embraces the open environment,” hammer at improving the quality of its software and hardware facilities, and further the improvement of urban international comprehensive service functions. It aims at building itself into an international exchange center in central and western China.

Liberalize and facilitate trade and investment more

The first step of optimizing an open environment is to propel the liberalization and facilitation of trade and investment. First of all, the city will deepen the construction and application of a “single window” for international trade, and gradually include functional departments related to international trade supervision and services into the “single window.” At the same time, it will build a global logistics information platform system with the “single window” of international trade as the core and explore the international cooperation pilot project on a “single window” of international trade.

In addition, the city will deepen the reform of the management system of foreign investment and investments abroad, expand market access for foreign investment in a broader range of areas, implement high-level investment facilitation policies and increase the level of investment liberalization.

Improve the environment for government affairs

Improving the environment for government affairs is also essential for optimizing the open environment. To this end, the city will deepen the streamlining of administration and delegation of power, consolidate the exploration of ongoing and ex-post supervision, drive comprehensive law enforcement reform, and be wedded to creating a high-quality and efficient entry-exit soft environment.

For example, it will fully implement the reform of administration-streamlining, power delegation-and-regulation combination, and service optimization, and accelerate the building of a service-oriented government. Besides, it will actively build a comprehensive regulatory system that integrates market self-discipline, industry self-government, social supervision, and government regulation. It will also accelerate the integration of executive law enforcement powers and agencies within sectors to ensure that “the law enforcement power of a sector is vested in an agency.”

Improve the legal environment

To ensure an open environment, the city will also bolster the legal environment, including the construction of an international commercial legal environment. By implementing the Foreign Investment Law, it will protect foreign investors’ investment, earnings and other legitimate rights and interests in China following the law, and create a business environment in which domestic and international enterprises are treated equally and compete fairly.

At the same time, Chongqing will strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, strictly protect the intellectual property rights of foreign-invested enterprises in accordance with the law, establish a unified trial mechanism for civil, criminal, and administrative cases of intellectual property, and strengthen international cooperation in intellectual property protection.

In addition, the city will also enhance the construction of the social credit system and establish a sound credit legal system to build a new collaborative market supervision system with credit as the core.

Creating a favorable environment for international people

Building a global urban living environment is also a crucial step. Next, the city will strengthen the construction of public service facilities, optimize the urban cultural tourism environment, enhance the construction of the ecological environment, and consolidate the social service security system.

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