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Yubei District, A Place with Beautiful Landscape and Rich Humanistic Atmosphere

Chongqing – Yubei district, like most of Chongqing, is surrounded by mountains and rivers. It’s also a place with a beautiful landscape and a vibrant humanistic atmosphere. In addition to its pretty view, Yubei boats of extensive traffic networks, highways, subways, and train stations. Yubei also has plenty of resorts for relaxing, traveling, or taking a holiday. In two words, Yubei is a diverse and inclusive district of Chongqing, and there is more to explore.

Located in the northwest of Chongqing, Yubei district is a part of the main urban area of Chongqing. Two rivers flow along Yubei District in the border of the southeast and the southwest. They are the Yangtze River and the Jialing River, respectively. Moreover, three mountains run northwest to the southeast that divides Yubei from west to east.
As one of the fastest developing and prosperous districts in Chongqing, Yubei district’s GDP is growing by approximately 10% every year and reached 144.72 billion yuan in 2017, ranking first among all regions and counties in Chongqing.

Convenient traffic networks

However, it’s no doubt that the rapid development of Yubei’s economy is powered by its convenient traffic networks. There are four trunk railways, eight expressways and seven rail transit lines that converge here. But that’s not all, because two major transportation hubs, Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport and Chongqing North Railway Station are situated in Yubei District.

Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport has become an open window for Chongqing

Jiangbei International Airport is a development opportunity for Yubei. It is at the forefront of the improvement and opening up of Chongqing. By the first half of 2019, Jiangbei airport has already opened a total of 85 new international routes and built a passenger and freight route network covering Europe, the United States, Australia, Asia, and Africa. The annual passenger throughput of Jiangbei airport now exceeds 41 million, nearly 100 times higher than that of 1990 when it first opened. At the same time, Jiangbei airport has ranked among the top ten airports in China.
Moreover, Jiangbei airport has promoted Yubei’s airport economy. Today, Yubei is planning to build an airport economic circle, which will bring significant changes to the economic development of Yubei. The airport economic circle will take Jiangbei airport as the nucleus, affecting more than 1000 square kilometers, and establishing three industrial clusters: a data industry park, an international logistics distribution center and an airport innovation economic zone.

Rich humanistic atmosphere

Yubei is also a land with a rich humanistic atmosphere which has given birth to many famous talents.

As one of the top ten martial arts masters in China, Zhao Ziqiu settled down in Jiangbei county (now Yubei district) in February 1943. He taught martial arts in the Jiangbei county women’s middle school. After retirement in November 1978, he became the amateur martial arts coach of Jiangbei county sports committee, guiding the whole county’s martial arts program. Led by Zhao, the program cultivated nearly a thousand martial arts students. In 1992, Jiangbei county was recognized as one of the first national wushu towns.

After 1978, Zhao Ziqiu devoted himself to excavating and sorting out precious martial-arts historical materials. He cooperated with others to compile The History of Sichuan Martial Arts (first draft), and he also wrote over 800,000 words of monographs, such as The Brief History of Chinese Wushu and The History and Status Quo of Emei Wushu.

Patriotic youth Wang Pu and his mother

Patriotic youth Wang Pu, born in 1921, grew up on Yubei District Xiantao street, founded the Lianhua primary school and took over Zhida middle school (the predecessor of Yubei middle school). By the time Chongqing was liberated, he had cultivated hundreds of students and recruited about 700 communists.

Popular leisure resorts

Tongjing Hot Spring resort

Chongqing is known as the hot spring capital, Tongjing hot spring plays an essential role in its great fame all over the world. As early as the last century, Tongjing hot spring has become a competitive tourist attraction. However, Tongjing was first known not for hot springs, but its magnificent natural landscape. Classical poets have penned countless poems to praise its gorgeous view.
Today, Tongjing hot spring has become a representative of Chongqing hot spring. Tongjing hot spring is renowned all over the world because of their significant characteristics, such as large flow, multiple types, high water temperature, better water quality, and scientific value. Besides, Tongjing hot spring is rich in a variety of mineral ingredients and trace elements, which have shown to have numerous health benefits. These include a significant effect on beauty and fitness, treatment of obesity, sports system diseases (such as trauma, chronic rheumatoid arthritis), and nervous system diseases (nerve injury, neuritis).
Tongjing hot spring was rated as “the best hot spring tourism resort in China” by the Asia Pacific tourism federation in 2005. In 2013, Tongjing hot spring was upgraded, and now it is one of the largest and most sophisticated hot spring groups in China.

Yubei Liangjiang International Movie City

In addition to the beautiful natural landscape, there are cultural resorts, such as Longxing town. Yubei District has a long history of market town culture. Longxing town, with a history of over 600 years, is a typical representative. Longxing town is located in the southeast of Yubei District and 26 kilometers away from downtown Chongqing. It is a famous historical and cultural town of Chongqing and a top 100 economic town of Chongqing. The ancient village retains many traditional folk activities. It has the distinct Ba-Yu, one of the different ethnic cultures along the upper reaches of Yangtze River, which enjoys the characteristic humanistic spirit and folk custom history. Because of this, Ba-Yu, and by extension, all of Yubei, possess incredible tourism value and artistic appreciation value.


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