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A Wonderful Encounter with Chinese Food from the Rural Areas

In 25 days, covering 18,000 kilometers, this was an interpretation of homesickness. We visited more than 40 traditional craftsmen in Chongqing, trying to understand the spirit of craftsmanship. In the villages of the vast land of Chongqing, ancient arts and skills are still well kept. They have accompanied generations growing, migrating, and returning to this place.

The flavors of the Chongqing local food run deep in the lives of the people here. Also, it is easy to find in its moth authentic form in the Chongqing countryside, away from the influences of the major cities. If you visit a thousand families, you will experience a thousand different flavors. Meanwhile, the locals, who now live far from Chongqing, will always miss the flavor of their home.

The Chongqing cuisine cannot stand out in China without the bean paste. Meanwhile, the big fire with bean paste will make people immerse themselves into the world of Chongqing cuisine. It is the memory of Chongqing people, as well as the lifestyle of this city. The essential ingredient of Chongqing cuisine must be the bean paste. It can not only season dishes but also record the lifestyle in this city.

The bean paste and everything you can make from it is almost like the lifeblood of the region. The taste is pure and full of memories of old times and past events and history of rural life. Relatives who now live far away will always remember and cherish the flavor. It is a kind of nostalgia, felt deeply within them, no matter where they are now, this flavor will always remind them of home.



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