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Brewery Hot Pot as the first hot pot restaurant with a focus on beer culture in Chongqing is special for its dishes, beer and design.

Brewery Hot Pot

Brewery Hot Pot (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Specifically, it offers beer-soaked specialties of beef with passion fruit, shrimp and so on. Three-flavored beer craft- pepper, lemon and white beer as well as five beer blends of orange, grapefruit and rose are on the menu.

Three-flavored beer craft- pepper, lemon and white beer

Three-flavored beer craft- pepper, lemon and white beer. (Photo/ Xie Xiaoxi)

The restaurant located at No. 42 Liyuchi, 9th Street, Jiangbei District is featured with an industrial style, and its overall design is full of brewery elements. The 9th Street, home to trendy catering, themed bars, and cultural experience and entertainment, stands out in Chongqing and even in China for its nighttime economic development.


The three-story building of the Brewery Hot Pot consists of three tanks linking up to demonstrate a unified industrial style. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The three-story building consists of three tanks linking up to demonstrate a unified industrial style. Each floor has a different theme design, encompassing the production of raw materials on the third floor, the factory brewing on the second, and the bar on the first.

Hot pot soup base

The hot pot soup base (iChongqing/ Chen Yuling)

In addition to the industrial design, the soup base, dishes, and beer served by the Brewery Hot pot are special, allowing consumers to experience the beer culture with a distinctive Chongqing culture.

The Brewery Hot Pot jointly built by Chongqing Beer and Qin Group aims to bring consumers the most authentic and unique experience by combining two name cards of the city- Chongqing hot pot and Chongqing Beer. 


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