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Chongqing has a high reputation in delicious food. The State Council puts forward “the advice of improving the reform and development in urban and rural areas in Chongqing”, in which the proposal to construct Chongqing as the cuisines center of the upper reaches of the Yangtze River is clearly carried out.

“Street cuisine” is a type of food that embodies that spirit of Chongqing perfectly: bold, spicy, street-wise, full of flavor. Either is hot to the extreme, or used fresh Chinese pickle to stimulate one’s tongue. Being simply hot and spicy, the cuisine has lively and abundant feelings for taste.


“Street cuisine” is a type of food that embodies that spirit of Chongqing perfectly: bold, spicy, street-wise, full of flavor.

Street cuisine is best described as dishes made from a mixture of many different ingredients brought to the city by the surrounding farmland, combined with a huge, spicy, numbing flavor as well as many other types of bold flavors that can only be found in Chongqing.  These dishes are stir-fried to order, usually right on the street, by a seasoned chef under the firelight of his huge, well-worn wok.  Different from “street food”, as normally said in English, “street cuisine” is considered a culinary art form and features big dishes, full of freshly cooked food and is considered a meal in itself, usually eaten at night and surrounded by revelry.

Recommended Restaurants

Chongqing Traditional Brand Zhulou Spring Chicken

The spring chicken is the specialty in the restaurant with domestic chicken from peasant families around. The chef cooks this dish by using the spring flows down from the Nanshan Mountain, making the meat tasty and fresh, pooling on the tongue lastingly. Chairs and tables in the restaurant are wood-made with branches and twisted leaves, pulling you into nature.

Address:No.249, Chongwen Road, Huangjueya, Nan’an District

Opening hour:09:00-00:00

Contact:+86-23-62462433, +86-13072300081


A perfect Sichuan peppery chicken dish looks bright in color with chicken and tastes crisp.

Linzhongle Restaurant

Around 12 years ago, there was a small way-side restaurant that launched a new spicy and hot dish – Sichuan peppery chicken. Chefs used classy chilies and Sichuan peppers to make this dish smell and taste attractive, and the tradition continues today A perfect Sichuan peppery chicken dish must look bright in color with chicken and chilies in a colorful pairing, and taste crisp.

Address:Huangjueshu, Sanbaiti, Lingyun Road, Geleshan Mountain, Shapingba District

Opening hour:09:00-21:00



Shengtian Maoxuewang Tradition Sichuan Food Restaurant

Maoxuewang is a kind of traditional Sichuan food that somewhat resembles a stew of various foods with duck blood in chili sauce. There are many many types of food inside the broth, including pork, eel slices, shaofen (a kind of pasta made from sweet potatoes), kelps, potatoes, etc. Besides these, this restaurant put high-quality chilies and Sichuan peppers into the sauce while it also adds more than 20 Chinese medicinal herbs so that the dish is delicious as well as good for the body. Friends get this one dish seems to obtain “Man-Han Banquet”.

Address:36-6 Block D, Shidai Haohyuan, No.7 Qingnian Road

Opening hour: 11:30-14:30 17:00-20:00



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