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Even though hotpot is Chongqing’s most famous food, recently a new rival has emerged: chuan chuan.  Chuan chuan, meaning something like “skewered food” is a sort of remix of the classic hot pot theme.  Unlike traditional hotpot, however, the ingredients of chuan chuan are skewered on sticks and then placed in the boiling oil within a clay or iron pot, making it more convenient to pick up the food after it is cooked in the pot.


Skewered dishes on sticks within a clay pot.

Both hotpot and chuan chuan have their advantages.  Some say that the flavor of chuan chuan is “too mild” for their taste, or like the old school feels of hotpot.  Others like the ingredients or the convenience of cooking food on kabobs.  Whatever your preference, chuan chuan ranks up with hotpot as a must-try in Chongqing.

The local in Chongqing come to that kind of Chuan Chuan Restaurant from all districts to satisfy their taste buds but not for novelty or following. Variety of dishes and unique taste impress visitors and keep them coming back for more. Many restaurants locate downstairs of an old residential building or in the labyrinthine laneways, always thronged with crowds inside and lines outside when visiting or just passing by every time.


Skewered parsley beef on sticks, waiting for cooking.

Recommended Restaurant

Li Chuanchuan (Old Store)

Being one of the “hottest” chuan chuan restaurants in Chongqing recently, locals in Chongqing flock to Li Chuanchuan by the thousands to get their daily fix of chuan chuan goodness.  The original restaurant is located in the middle of an old residential building in the heart of Chongqing; eating here will enjoying the street side local culture is sure to give you a dose of mountain city flavor that you won’t forget. 

Address:1-3-5, No.5 Hongsheng Alley Beilin (near the Chongqing School for the Deaf and Blind), Yuzhong District

Opening hour:11:00-22:00

Contact:+86-23-63929286, +86-13110119297

Hewangshi Chuangchuanxiang Hot Pot

Hewangshi Chuan Chuan Xiang Hot Pot is a famous brand in Chuan Chuan industry. Spicy soup with beef tallow stimulates visitors’ appetite. However, the taste here is not just like some other Chuan Chuan restaurant, which tastes a little bit sweet but not only spicy. After eating their specialty, parsley beef, you will understand why there is a constant line of people outside the restaurant, rain or shine.

Address:No.1 Haofu, 22 Tiyu Road, Guihuayuan, Yuzhong District

Opening hour:12:00-02:00


Guanyao Shaguo (View Kiln) Chuanchuanxiang (Head Office)

The restaurant looks like a tasteful cave-dwelling, and visitors use clay pots to cook food here. It is a literary and artistic Chuan Chuan restaurant decorated in the retro style. Abundant and fresh dishes are served in different small kiln bowls. It not only has a beautiful environment but also tastes delicious.

Address:Fu No.25, 33 Xingsheng Avenue, Yubei District

Opening hour:10:00-14:00 17:00-23:30

Contact:+86-23-67516823, +86-18508209855


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