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Legend of Chongqing Specialties: Pears on Huanggua Mountain, Yongchuan

Do you have any unpleasant symptoms such as the parched mouth and scorched tongue, dry cough without phlegm, or dry skin in autumn? If so, you have contracted the autumn-dryness disease.

What should you do at this point? The simplest and most effective way to cure it is to eat fruits! Fruits have great moisturizing and dryness-removing functions! And the pear is the most seasonal fruit in this time of year. Autumn offers a good variety of pears. Yellow-green Hebei pears, brown Kosusi pears, reddish bergamot pears, etc. all compete to maintain superiority with their unique flavors.

Pear has the treatment effects of moistening the lung, relieving cough, reinforcing body fluid, and clearing heat—an especially suitable fruit for autumn. According to the Compendium of Materia Medica, "Pears are conducive to health. They help treat internal disorders." As an officinal fruit, they can cure wind-heat, moisten the lung, cool the heart, eliminate phlegm, decrease internal heat, and detoxify the body.

Raw pear is cold in nature and sweet in taste.

Do you know what pears are there in Chongqing? There is a place in Yongchuan where green trees and fruits abound. It is the largest Southern Early-Maturing Pear Base in China—Huanggua Mountain.

Pears on Huanggua Mountain are really delicious! All you need is a gentle bite. Fresh pear juice sends sweetness down your spine.

Pears on Huanggua Mountain are really delicious.

Yellow pear is the main pear variety on Huanggua Mountain, where Yellow Crown, Round Yellow, red pear, Hubei pear No.2 are also grown.

Thanks to abundant rainfall in the growing period and sufficient sunlight in the maturing period, pears on Huanggua Mountain are juicy, sweet, and delicious and have only a thin skin. Pears on Huanggua Mountain are a carefully cultivated variety. They look inviting and are ideal at receptions and celebrations.


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