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Try Delicacies in Chongqing Following the Route of Bus No. 480

Bus No. 480 strings numerous delicacies in all stations along the route. Let’s go and experience the life of delicacies.

Departure station—Guotai Arts Center

Chicken Giblets of Qianjiang Ancient Town

Chicken Giblets of Qianjiang Ancient Town

The chicken giblets are soaked with the flavor of spices. Pickled radish is also very delicious.

Address: Next to the World Traders Hotel on Zourong Road

Tel.: 15523815830

Zhu Hotpot

The shop will pickle the large and thick spicy beef in advance. More than fresh meat, it also offers crisp pork heart.

Address: No. 6, Linjiang Road

Tel.: 023-63839678

Zhu Hotpot

Stations—Chongqing People’s Auditorium and Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum

Mr. Wei’s Spring Tilapia

Spring Tilapia

To ensure freshness, the shop will cook the fish immediately after killing it. Tilapia and crucian carp are strongly recommended for they are spicy and tasty with tender fish.

Address: No. 72-1-1, Zhangjia Huayuan Community

Station—The Democratic Parties History Museum of China

Chen Youliang Chili Pepper Chicken

Chili Pepper Chicken

Tender and delicious diced chicken is hidden in the green chili peppers. It is not so spicy, but will numb your mouth.

Address: No. 13, Shanyi Village, Third Zhongshan Road (near the Labor Union Building)

Tel.: 023-86616118

Time-Honored Dongting Hotpot

Dongting Hotpot

The soup base is delicious and customers can make their own sauce. Thousand-layered tripes are chewy, Sichuan crispy fried pork is tasty, and the beef is marinated in chili powder. Customers can enjoy real Chongqing hotpot here.

Address: No. 149-1, Third Zhongshan Road

Tel.: 023-63861085

Stations—Residence of Zhou Enlai, Residence of Dai Li, and Guiyuan Garden

Zhang Li Noodle Shop

Noodle Shop

It is famous for noodles with a pea paste: round peas are soft, minced meat is delicious but not greasy, fried peanuts and minced preserved Sichuan pickle cover the noodles. Once you mixed them together, the taste will definitely impress you.

Address: Within the No. 81 Yard on the Fourth Zhongshan Road

Tel.: 023-63898938 15922789856

Mr. Liao’s Casserole Dishes

Casserole Dishes

Minced meat with peas is the shop’s signature dish. Being soft and glutinous, it is a great dish to have with rice. Sweet and sour soup with tomatoes and meatballs is commonly seen in Chongqing people’s homes. The shop also offers many other dishes, which are cheap and delicious.

Address: No. 1-9, Fourth Zhongshan Road, Shangqingsi Sub-district

Tel.: 023-63624939

Liziba Liangshan Chicken

The dish enjoys a slight flavor of herbs. The chicken is braised with dozens of spices like garlic, ginger, pickled peppers and pepper according to a secret recipe, making it tender and chewy. The taste will linger in your mouth.

Address: No. 60, Liziba Main Street

Tel.: 15923535285


Station—Chongqing Tiandi

Shark Restaurant

Shark Restaurant

The steak is tender, the pepper sauce is local, and the sashimi is fresh. Crispy durian cake is recommended as dessert since it is made of real durian pulp.

Address: EG01, Chongqing Tiandi Corporate Avenue, No. 156, Ruitian Road

Tel.: 023-88255592-2 

Causeway Bay

Salmon and mango makizushi is well presented and very tasty. Kung pao shrimp balls are also recommended for the shrimp balls are fresh and chewy, and sauce is delicious.

Address: A102/A103, Chongqing Tiandi Dicun Village, No. 156, Ruitian Road, Hualongqiao Sub-district

Tel.: 023-63263998

Source: CQCB


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