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Without Chinese Toon Sprouts, Spring Becomes Pointless

The fresh umami of spring comes from Chinese toon sprouts. For many Chongqing people, the food is the bellwether of this vibrant season.

Chinese Toon Sprouts.

Chinese toon sprouts, known as a “vegetable on trees,” is nutritious with the ability to disperse heat and resolve toxin. However, what matters most to people here is its special appealing flavor.

Chinese toon sprouts are nutritious with the ability to disperse heat and resolve toxins.

In March, the dining is worth expectation only with Chinese toon sprouts on the table, because it’s the best season to taste the vegetable and nothing can compare with the fried eggs with Chinese toon sprouts. Mix Chinese toon sprouts and scrambled goose eggs, put them into the heating oil, and then stir! It’s quick and simple to make such a delicious course! Goose eggs expand in the pot, and fragrance strikes the nose, announcing the arrival of spring.

Fried eggs with Chinese toon sprouts.

Chinese toon sprouts as any other food are embedded with people’s homesickness. It brings vigor to people who are away from home.


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