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Yubei District has been always exerting the advantages of its martial arts and giving prominence to the characteristics of Bayu martial arts culture, fostering a large number of high-level martial arts talent. As early as 1992, Yubei was honored as one “hometown of martial arts” in China. Under the efforts of Mr. Zhao Ziqiu, one of China’s top ten martial arts masters, Yubei started to widely develop and carry forward martial arts. Generation after generation, Yubei people have passed down the Bayu martial arts spirit featuring being indomitable and unyielding.

By far, Yubei has established a martial arts network led by martial arts associations, supported by martial arts gyms and schools and town and street cultural service centers, and linked by village (community) martial arts tutorial stations, developing martial arts in government organs, communities, schools, enterprises, rural areas, and military camps. As a result, there are more than 200,000 people practicing martial arts throughout the year in Yubei. In addition, based on martial arts, Yubei’s physical education workers have also worked out a set of Bayu martial arts exercises that are easy to learn and suitable for people of all ages and made it into a high-quality public fitness sports practice with the most regional characteristics in Yubei.


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