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The 2nd Three Gorges (Liangping) Autumn Festival (2019) opened August 1 and will run until November this year. In total, nine activities will be held on this grand event, presenting visitors the unique idyllic scenery, agricultural civilization, and history and culture of Liangping.

During this period, the Rice Field Art Season, Farmers’ Harvest Festival, International Pomelo Expo and other activities will be held on the three solar terms of the Beginning of Autumn, the Autumn Equinox, and the Beginning of Winter respectively.

Opening ceremony of Liangping Autumn Festival

Enjoying Liangping Delicacies

On August 8 (the Beginning of Autumn), Ploughing on the Boundless Fields · Harvesting on the Rice Field Sea & Autumn Enjoyment Festival will unveil officially. Then, visitors can see the vast fields at Ruifeng Pavilion, participate in watermelon, corn, cucumber, apple, grape eating contests in the harvesting markets, wandering with the mascot called “Rice Baby” on the harvesting avenue, watch the granaries or installations decorated with vegetables and fruits, and enjoy the opening ceremony.

Hairy crabs, crawfish, running water fish, and other local freshwater fishes produced by Liangping Ecology Fishing Garden will be at markets to delight your taste buds. At dusk, the country music and feast will kick off, presenting visitors another with music, beer, and inviting food.

Later, the cooks, together with villagers, will make rice rolls, bamboo-tube-cooked rice, sushi, potato rice and other delicious food with the quality rice of Liangping. Interactive activities like pestling glutinous rice cakes and making bamboo-tube-cooked rice will then be held, aiming to enable visitors to try the authentic taste of their local food.

Liangping Autumn Festival

Celebrating the harvest with singing party

On the evening of September 22, before the Autumn Equinox, the Liangping straw-structured dragons will be combined with the Water-Sprinkling Festival to stage on the event themed “Harvesting Carnival and Spinkling Water for Blessing.” Meanwhile, the organizer plans to invite the Tongliang Dragon Performance Team and thus enable the two intangible cultural heritages of Chongqing to share a stage and celebrate harvest together.

On the Farmers’ Harvesting Festival on September 23 (the Autumn Equinox), farmer artists from around Chongqing will gather at Liangping to take part in the singing party. This party will take My Motherland and Me as the mainline to highlight the spectacular harvesting scene of Sichuan and create the delighted atmosphere of all people participating in the rural revitalization and celebrating the 70’s anniversary of the founding of China.

From September 23 to October 24 (Frost’s Descent), the specialty agricultural by-products from all districts and counties of Chongqing will be exhibited and sold at Chongqing Shugu Farm. At that time, the online prize-giving interactive game will also be held, and many farmers and netizens will make videos and posters to promote their unique agricultural products.

View of Liangping




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