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Have a Glimpse of Culture and History on Chongqing

Chongqing– Want to get some vivid impression on the history and culture development of Chongqing, here goes an image exhibition which can satisfy you. On the morning of January 24, the opening ceremony of the image exhibition – “Walk in Zhongshan 4th Road” was opened in the Zengjiayan Academy, a renowned cultural academy in Chongqing, southwest of China.

What you can expect from the exhibition

The exhibition is co-hosted by Chongqing Municipal Commission of Culture and Tourism Development and Yuzhong District People’s Government of Chongqing Municipality. It consists of two parts – the documentary “Walk in Zhongshan 4th Road” and the picture exhibition.

The documentary “Walking in Zhongshan 4th Road” lasts for 30 minutes. The story goes like this. Three backpackers from different cities made an appointment to meet in Zhongshan 4th Road in Chongqing. Coming through three different routes, they met at Zengjiayan Academy. Led by the backpacker who is a fan of the old street, they visited Zhongshan 4th Road. The documentary covers dozens of landmarks of Chongqing such as Chaotianmen Wharf, Jiefangbei CBD, Changjiang cable car, Chongqing People’s Grand Hall, Tongyuanmen Gate, Crown Escalator, and Three-story Road. It vividly shows Chongqing’s diversified transportation, urban architecture, historical attractions, and topographic features.

The documentary played on the opening ceremony

The documentary “Walk in Zhongshan 4th Road”  was played on the opening ceremony. Photo by Zhang Deng.

The image exhibition is located on the 1st and the 2nd floor of the exhibition hall of Zengjiayan Academy. The exhibition is divided into six themed sections, namely, Memory of the Wartime, Famous Academies, Historical Moments, The City of Bridges and Rivers, Legends and Urban Footprint. It covers the historical stages such as the victory of the War of Resistance, Founding of New China, Reform and Opening-Up and Chongqing municipality directly under the Central Government. More than 200 video works are exhibited.

The picture exhibition of "Walk in Zhongshan 4th Road"

The picture exhibition of “Walk in Zhongshan 4th Road”. Photo by Zhang Deng.

Visitors are watching the pictures on exhibition.

Visitors are watching the pictures on exhibition. Photo by Zhang Deng.

Visitors were taking photos of the pictures on exhibition

Visitors were taking photos of the pictures on exhibition. Photo by Zhang Deng.

The history of Zengjiayan Academy 

The Zengjiayan Academy, where the exhibition is located, gets a profound historical heritage. Academy was built in the late of Qing Dynasty and it was designed as a school for local nobles. In 1915, the academy was built into a modern style academy by the nuns from local Catholic convent. During the wartime, This place was taken as No.6 Capital Police Station, and it becomes Chongqing Zengjiayan police station in 1949. After that, it was treated as a tea house for the local resident.

The frond door of Zengjiayan Academy.

The front door of Zengjiayan Academy. Photo by Zhang Deng.

The academy is adjacent to the National Preserved Building – Zhou Gong Guan. It witnessed the vicissitudes of Zhongshan 4th Road. It takes up a total area of about 1,300 square meters with more than 100,000 documents in the collection. Zengjiayan Academy has become a famous cultural representative of Chongqing. It holds a large number of book materials, cultural exhibitions and event salons.

Interior of Zengjiayan Academy

Interior of Zengjiayan Academy. Photo by Zhang Deng.

Zengjiayan Academy

Zengjiayan Academy. Photo by Zhang Deng. 

The purpose of holding the exhibition 

Lv Zhen, the curator of the exhibition said: “Zhongshan 4th Road is the epitome of great the transformation of Chongqing city. The exhibition not only presents the video works taken in different years but also restores the city’s appearance in the specific time period.” It aims to have more people remember the history of Zhongshan 4th Road and the brilliant achievements of the 70 anniversaries since the founding of New China.

The exhibition curator

Lv Zhen, the curator of the exhibition- “Walk in Zhongshan 4th Road”. Photo by Zhang Deng.

“Walk into Zhongshan 4th Road” image exhibition will be held until March 31, and is to the public.

Address: the exhibition hall on the 1st floor and 2nd floor of Zengjiayan Academy  (No. 19, Zengjiayan, Zhongshan 4th Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing city, China)



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