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Chongqing has an incredible night viewing. The kaleidoscopic, swirling, neon-Tetris, psychedelic skyline of Chongqing looks like something out of a video game or sci-fi film, but it is very real and has been attracting huge crowds ever since the world found out about China’s secret metropolis.


The colorful lights of buildings in Nanbinlu Road.

The night viewing of Nanbinlu Road enjoys a really great reputation. If a traveler asks where you can best view the skyline, the answer is Nanbinlu Road due to its unique geographic location. The night viewing is particularly magnificent when the buildings built along the river are set off by the scenery.

In all seasons, travelers are bound to see the beautiful cityscape in Nanbinlu Road at sunset when the lights go on. Standing on the river bank, travelers will not only see many boats but also hear a blast of a whistle.


A child plays with the telescope to view the night cityscape in the Nanbin Park.

Nanbin Park is one of the biggest riverside parks in China which owns 6 continuous parks distributed along the Nanbinlu Road and Yangtze River. For instance, Xiajiang Kaibu (The Western power’s port on the Yangtze River valley) and Yuwang Yizong (The relic of Yu the Great) -each of the six parks represent a notable story or legend. Travelers can spend nearly 2 hours to walk around the park, or they can ride a bicycle to sightsee.

Restaurants locates Nanbinlu Road, providing the dining for visitors, and hot pot, street cuisine, and xiao mian can be found there. Otherwise, there are also bars and tea houses along the Nanbinlu road, where can serve a place to not only catch the night lights but also relax. The local often play Mahjong (a kind of table game) in these riverside tea houses as well as enjoy the night viewing.

Travel Guide:


376/321/304/354 to Gangkou Hospital

318/320 to Haitang Xi

872 to Sihai Intersection

Recommended Restaurant

Brewport Brew Western-style Food Pub

It is an amazing place to date or meet friends, dining, drinking, or viewing the night skyline. Decorating with loft style, Brewport serves pizza, chips, salad, and etc. as well as drinks (both soft and alcohol) for visitors. Better yet, there are seats outdoor, providing a perfect angle to enjoy the night viewing.

Address:L6 Sightseeing Platform, Changjiahui, Nanbinlu Road, Nan’an District


Contact:+86-23-62602522, +86-13368182050

Mulanqin Inner Mongolia Theme Restaurant

It is a minority (Inner Mongolia) theme restaurant, including its decoration style, gourmet taste, even cutleries. All dish ingredients come from the Inner Mongolia, and beef and mutton are specialties in this restaurant. Yogurt is recommended to get after the meal to remove the feeling of grease.


The dining environment of the Inner Mongolia Theme Restaurant.

Address:No.13 Nanbinlu Road, Nan’an District



The Mist Café (Wuli Coffee)

Located at 1891 Times Mall, nearby the Starbucks. It is a small café bar but very exquisite, decorated with a simple style. Besides traditional coffee, the café bar also provides something creative. Drinks there are made as the reflection from nature.


A drink called "Sakura in Spring" in The Mist Cafe.

Address:A Hall F L1-14, 1891 Times Mall, Nanbinlu Road, Nan’an District




A Tour in Chongqing, A Gain in Vision

A Land of Natural Beauty, A City with Cultural Appeal

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