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Huilongwan Night Market is located in the Huilongwan Road, Xuefu Avenue, which is surrounded by numerous universities in the residential area. As a result, it is one of the biggest night markets in the southern Chongqing.

There are various price-friendly restaurants and food stalls along the street, whose visitors are usually groups of college students and nearby citizens. To provide the most cost-effective food, the environment there is not as fancy as regular restaurants, but the taste is delicious.

In such a busy street, bargaining and square-dancing make up the area’s vitality. The seniors come to dance in an open space for exercise, with great sound and acoustics. Thus, Huilongwan Night Market is a fantastic living night market in Chongqing.


Rail Transit: Line 3 to Wugongli Station

Bus: 841/320/319 to Lanhutian Station


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