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When lights are lit and neon lights flicker, Chongqing starts the most exciting moment of a day. Stroll leisurely from Jiangbeizui CBD with colorful light to quite Beibin Road and Guanyinqiao Business Circle with lamps and candles of a myriad of families, and you will enjoy a tumultuous and smooth symphony of the vigorous city.

Jiangbeizui: Lighting show

The light show of Chaotianmen Bridge.

How tender is Chongqing’s night view? When night falls, neon light on the riverbanks will illuminate the surface of the Yangtze River and Jialing River in Jiangbeizui. In this May, Jiangbeizui redesigned its light for a more charming night view. The 460,000 LED point light source groups connected with each other can form different patterns.

Chongqing Grand Theater: Cultural life at night

The night view of Chongqing Grand Theater

The highlight of Jiangbeizui must be Chongqing Grand Theater. At night, the changing colors in the theater just like the face-changing in Sichuan Opera. However, with no activities, the theater looks like a “glass time-space boat” that docks in the “arm” of the Yangtze River and Jialing River and is ready to set sail for the future. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the theater, so it will stage over 40 wonderful performances including concerts, living theaters and Huangmei opera, so as to enrich the cultural life of Chongqing at night.

Glass walls of the Grand Theater: A new choice for taking photos

You can appreciate the Grand Theater from a distance or take a close look at it. Glass walls of the theater look like crystal-clear amber, so many tourists prefer to take photos against it to record wonderful moments.

Stroll on Beibin Road

Leave the Grand Theater and walk slowly on Beibin Road. The breeze blowing from the river seems to tell something. You could hear the northern and southern dialects from the cruise ship not far away and fairy tales in Hongyadong Scenic Area on the other side. If you’re tired of watching fireworks, you could sit down on a bench on the tranquil Beibin Road.

Beibin Road: An ideal place after dinner

Beibin Road, as a cultural concretized symbol for Chongqing people, is a great choice after dinner. You can drink coffee, dine, have a date, run or take a walk at night there.

New Riverside Economic Zone

With global food in Chongqing Likely Wharf Scenic Area and tranquility of Longhu Xingyuehui, the New Riverside Economic Zone integrates business, catering, leisure, entertainment, shopping and living and gathers all kinds of fashion elements.

Guanyinqiao Business Circle: A must-visit place at night

Guanyinqiao is one of the representative places of Chongqing’s nightlife. People who come and go from one shop to another may pass by or communicate with each other, making the nightlife more colorful. More than one thousand people with young hearts dance to the music on the square every night, forming a unique fashion of Guanyinqiao.

The night view of Guanyinqiao Business Circle

Chongqing 9th Street: A landmark of Chongqing’s night economy

Night market of Chongqing 9th Street.

Chongqing 9th Street, a few hundred meters long, is a landmark of Chongqing’s night economy in Guanyinqiao Business Circle. You can hear buskers’ singing, vendors’ shouts, the laughter in the finger-guessing game and the clink of glass. Countless scenes there seem to form a movie about life. By late 2019, Chongqing will complete the upgrading of the 9th Street, including building a large viewing platform and more than 2,600 parking spots and expanding the night consumption model from midnight to 4 a.m.

Street food in Chongqing 9th Street.

Beicang Cultural & Creative Quarter: Spiritual warm

The landmark of Beicang Cultural & Creative Quarter.

On the 9th Street, in addition to crowd streets, there is also a quiet corner. Several hundred meters away from the street, the Beicang Cultural & Creative Quarter is waiting for you. Time passes slowly there. Cang (a barn) is a building for storing grain. You can pick a book to enrich your spiritual world there. It used to be a textile mill workshop, but it’s now fashionable with both ancient elements and the ambience of literature and art.

Source: Xinhuanet


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