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Application Guide of "R" Visa (Talent) for Foreigners in CQ

I. Application for “R” Visa Extension and Renewal
The high-level foreign talents and individuals with special skills urgently needed by China entering Chongqing may apply to the exit-entry administration authority of the public security organ for the extension or replacement of the “R” Visa. They shall be present for the interview in person, and submit the following materials as required: 
1. Valid passport and visa.
2. Accurate-filled Visa/Stay Permit/ Residence Permit Application Form in black ink, a recently taken two-inch visa photo, and a valid Receipt of Exit-Entry Photograph gotten from a local photo studio authorized for digital exit-entry photographs.  
3. The official Chinese letter with the official seal of the inviting unit to the exit-entry administration authority of public security organ, which shall include: 
(1) Basic information about the inviting unit and applicant;
(2) Purpose of application including the content of activities in China, the duration of stay in China, and the scheduled arrangement of entry and exit; 
(3) A guarantee about his obeying Chinese laws.
4. The Record Form of Foreign High-level Talents in Chongqing issued by Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Foreign Expert Affairs.
5. Those having entered China without an “R” Visa shall also submit the evidentiary materials complying with the conditions and requirements for introducing foreign high-level talents and professional personnel in short supply as determined by the competent authority of the Chinese government.
6. If the inviting unit is applying for a visa document for a foreigner for the first time, the following materials shall be submitted in addition to the aforementioned visa document application materials:
(1) Information Table of the Unit Inviting and Receiving Foreigner, Letter of Commitment for Responsibility Performance of the Legal Representative of the Unit Inviting and Receiving Foreigner (URL of the table and letter of commitment: http: //www. cqga. gov.cn).
(2) The original of the legal qualification evidentiary materials of the corporate for inspection.
(3)  The original effective identity documents of the corporate legal representative and agent.
II. Application for Re-issuance of Visa
The foreigners, who have entered China and whose visa has been lost, damaged, stolen or robbed, can apply for re-issuing an “R” Visa to the exit-entry administration authority of public security organ. They shall be present for the interview in person, and submit the following materials in addition to the materials included in the Application for “R” Visa Extension and Renewal:
1. For applicants whose visas are lost or stolen: a certificate of loss report of passport or a diplomatic note presented by their states’ embassies or consulates to China and a new passport.
2. For applicants whose visas are damaged: the damaged passport or a diplomatic note presented by their states’ embassies or consulates to China and a new passport.
III. Tips
1. Before applying for a visa document, it is required that the temporary residence registration of foreigners has been completed at the residence place (in case of residence at the hotel, the residence registration shall be handled at the reception. And in case of residence at places other than hotel, the lodger or the applicant shall handle the residence registration at the police substation of the residence place within 24h after arriving at the residence place), and it is unnecessary to submit the registration evidence.
2. The originals of all the application materials shall be submitted for inspection, with the copy kept (A4 paper).
3. In case the evidentiary material has been provided by the corresponding overseas organization, it is required to be authenticated by our country’s embassy and consulate in a foreign country; in case the evidentiary material is in a foreign language, it shall be translated into Chinese by a qualified translation company.
4. The personnel, who hasn’t canceled their Chinese household registration yet, shall re-apply after canceling it. The registered residence cancellation certificate issued by the relevant police office shall be submitted, when necessary.
5. Those applying for an extension of the duration of stay of a visa shall apply 7 days before the expiration of the duration of stay indicated on the visa.
6. When the applicant’s passport or other international travel documents are received and kept for handling a visa document, he can, within 7 workdays, stay legally within the territory of China with the acceptance receipt.
7. The unit issuing the invitation letter shall be held responsible for the authenticity of the content of the invitation.
8. The Chinese of foreign nationality involved in enjoying more favorable visa policy convenience (the Chinese of foreign nationality include: the foreigners who have had a Chinese nationality; the foreigners whose parents or grandparents have or have had a Chinese nationality), shall submit the relevant evidence concerning they’re having had a Chinese nationality or their parents’ or grandparents’ having or having had a Chinese nationality (e.g., the original passport of People’s the Republic of China, identity card, household register certificate, household register cancellation certificate, expatriation certificate of the People’s Republic of China, etc.); those who have never had a Chinese nationality shall also submit a kinship certificate.
9. The exit-entry administration authority of the public security organ can verify the authenticity of the reasons for application through the interview, telephone inquiry, on-site investigation, etc., or requires that other supplementary materials (economic source certificates, certificates on changes of name or other information, enterprise business certificates, etc.) are submitted. In case the interview isn’t accepted or the materials are not submitted at the agreed time, no visa document will be signed and issued unless there are causes of force majeure.
10. Decisions made by the exit-entry administration of public security organ on rejecting applications for visa extension or re-issuance, or on not issuing foreigners’ stay or residence permits, or not extending the duration of residence shall be final.
IV. Completion Time Limit:
The procedure shall complete within 7 workdays upon complete and eligible materials (excluding investigation time).
V. Charging Standards:
See the Reply of the State Development Planning Commission and the Ministry of Finance on Agreeing to Adjust the Charging Standards for Foreigners’ Visa issued by the Mainland Public Security Bureaus (JJG [2003] No. 392).


Information Telephone: 966511

Supervision Telephone: 63962000

Working Hours in the Division: 


09:00-12:00 AM                                        

14:00-17:00 PM

Address: No. 311, Jinshi Avenue, Yubei District, Chongqing

Contact List of Exit-Entry Administration Bureau (EEAB) Visa Application Points in Chongqing: Website  Http://gaj.cq.gov.cn


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