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Human resources are fundamental to local development. When it comes to the municipality in Southwest China, Chongqing accredits its growth, to some extent, for more and more foreigners working and living here.

And Chongqing offers social insurance for expats in Chongqing according to law. Moreover, they enjoy the same social insurance as Chongqing people. Here is some useful information.

Industry Park of Human Resources Service

Industry Park of Human Resources Service (Photo from its official website)

What qualifications shall foreigners employed in Chongqing have for social insurance

Foreigners participating in social insurance in Chongqing shall meet the following qualifications in accordance with the law: A person who is not of Chinese nationality holding employment certificates and foreigner residence permit certificates such as Foreigner’s Work Permit and Permit for Journalist-in-Residence in accordance with the law, and who is lawfully employed in Chongqing; a person who is not a Chinese national, according to Nationality Law of the People’s Republic of China, holding a Foreigner Permanent Residence ID Card and is lawfully employed in Chongqing.

These key points shall be known to foreigner employed in Chongqing and their employers

Participate in the five types of social insurance

Foreigners employed in Chongqing shall participate in the five types of social insurance, namely, endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, employment injury insurance, and maternity insurance. The insurance premiums shall be paid by the employer and the employee pursuant to the applicable regulations.

Enjoy the same social insurance benefits as Chongqing locals

Where a foreigner participating in the five types of social insurance satisfies the prescribed conditions, he/she may enjoy the social insurance benefits, mainly including basic medical insurance benefits. If a foreigner is qualified for pension benefits, he/she may go through the formalities of receiving basic pension on a monthly basis in accordance with the regulations of Chongqing; if the accumulated period of contributions of basic medical insurance complies with regulations of Chongqing, he/she may enjoy the basic medical insurance benefits for retirees.

It should be noted that if a foreigner seeks medical treatment outside the Chinese mainland after participating in the insurance, the medical expenses incurred shall not be included in the payment scope of the Chongqing basic medical insurance fund.

Personal account management

If a foreigner leaves China before he/she is qualified for enjoying the pension benefits, his/her individual social insurance account shall be maintained and his/her period of contributions may be accumulated when he/she is employed in China again; upon his/her written application for termination of the social insurance relationship, the balance in his/her private social insurance account may be refunded in a lump sum; the balance in a foreigner’s private social insurance account may be inherited according to law in case of his/her death.

Foreigners who have joined the insurance abroad can enjoy the exemption period according to the relevant agreement

At present, China has signed bilateral agreements on social insurance with 12 countries, among which, the eight countries including Germany, South Korea, Denmark, Finland, Canada, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Spain have put it into service.

Foreigners from those countries who are employed in Chongqing may be exempted from paying social insurance premiums for the prescribed insurance in a certain period of time in China on the strength of their certificates of participation in accordance with the relevant provisions. Please refer to the website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People’s Republic of China for specific regulations.

In accordance with the bilateral social insurance agreements signed and implemented between China and other countries, those who are sent to work legally in the other country from the two countries in the agreement, the employee and the corresponding enterprise shall be exempted from the obligation to pay social insurance contributions for a specified period of time in the territory of the country in which the insurance is to be covered.

In other words, if qualified Chinese are sent to work in a country which has signed bilateral agreements with China, they will also enjoy a certain period of exemption.

How to help your foreign friends?

An Employer who employs any foreigner shall report to the social security administration department within 30 days upon issuance of his/her employment certificate and provide the following materials:

  1. The Registration Form of the Insurants of Social Insurance in Chongqing signed by the foreigner himself/ herself;
  2. Applicant’s valid passport;
  3. The original employment certificates such as Foreigner’s Work Permit and Permit for Journalist-in-Residence issued by the employment certificate agency for foreigners in the city shall be handled over. A person who has obtained permanent residence status in China shall provide his/her Foreigner Permanent Residence ID Card.

Source: CQCB


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