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Jinfeng Laboratory | 金凤实验室

Jinfeng Laboratory, with a total area of 812,666 square meters, is located on the Life Island by Fengqi Lake in Western (Chongqing) Science City.


The first phase uses 85,333 square meters, and the gross floor area reaches about 135,000 square meters. Meanwhile, a 300,000-square-meter apartment for high-end talents and an over-533,333-square-meter Fengqi Lake Park are planned to be built. Therefore, there will be an innovative community with both scientific and humanistic identities.


Positioned as a new model of municipal-level laboratories and a new driving force for national-level laboratories and focusing on life health, Jinfeng Laboratory will build three research clusters smart pathology, brain science and brain diseases, and medical examination.


It adopts the system of director responsibility under the leadership of the Council. Thanks to the guidance of more than ten academicians, including Bian Xiuwu, Xu Tao, and Shen Yan, it has received the applications of 42 scientific research teams, including nine academician ones. This has initially formed a scientific research talent team led by two academicians and young scientists as the main body. Moreover, it plans to attract more than 150 scientific research professionals by the end of the year.


By 2025, it aims to introduce and cultivate a group of leading scientific research professionals, make breakthroughs in a range of leading frontier technologies, achieve a host of representative original research results, build an innovation center for life health with national competitiveness, and inject strong momentum into Chongqing's endeavor to accelerate the building of a sci-tech innovation center with national influence.


In March 2022, Jinfeng Laboratory was approved as a municipal-level postdoctoral workstation. As an important force supporting Chongqing's effort to build a sci-tech innovation center with national influence, the workstation is dedicated to introducing and cultivating top-notch scientist teams. Other priorities are maximizing the leading role of scientists in developing public technology platforms, building three research clusters of smart pathology, brain science and brain diseases, and medical examination for the field of life health, as well as focusing on the needs of the market and the reality, breaking the barriers to scientific research, and promoting interdisciplinary integration to make breakthroughs in a range of leading frontier technologies and achieving a host of representative original research results.


Postdoctoral positions involve majors in Immunology, Life Science, Basic Medical Sciences, Chemistry, Materials Science and other related majors, Basic Medical Sciences, Biology, Computational Biology, Biotechnology, and other related majors. Other recruitment opportunities include Associate Researcher of a Research Group and Lab Technician.


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