Chongqing’s winter is amazing and interesting, with many different entertainments, including theme park tours, hot spring, sports, and more. At the moment, most scenic spots in Chongqing have opened, but are still subject to the pandemic prevention and control measured enacted across China.
Our Winter Feature page will not only provide you with Entertainment possibilities in Chongqing, such as food, sceneries, and attractions, but we will also be showing you how Chongqing is returning to the dynamic city it is world-known to be.
We are confident that China, and the rest of the world, will recover from the recent coronavirus outbreak and start traveling all over the world once again. And as always, we, in Chongqing, will welcome you with open arms.


  • Chongqing Night Culture Festival: Bring You A Stunning Night Tour

    (Yuzhong District)

    The Second Shanshui Chongqing Night Culture Festival was hteld in Nan’an District, the Danzishi Square. On that night, flashing lights served the public and tourists a technology-rich Bayu night banquet that involved a 3D light show, interactive lighting devices, a fashion night bazaar, and the fascinating night scenery of Two Rivers and Four Banks.

  • Snow, Skiing and Hot Spring, Winter Tourism Season Starts in Chongqing

    (Beibei District)

    Where to have fun and relax during winter in Chongqing? This winter, Chongqing launched more than 200 distinctive culture and tourism activities. Visitors can participate in the ice and snow tour, hot spring tour, and recreation tour while fully experiencing the charm of the very local characteristics of Chongqing culture. The activities will be open from the end of November and will last throughout the winter, making it easy for the public to participate.

  • Annual Ice and Snow Carnival Event Opens at Chongqing Jinfo Mountain

    (Nanchuan District)

    Yunzhuan Mountain is an excellent choice to hang a hammock and put up a tent among the tall and dense woods. Vast fields of farmland and blooming lotus flowers are a feast for the visitors to the mountain. The hiking trails are original without any commercialized traces. You can also drive to the top of the mountain if you’re not a fan of mountain climbing. In a word, it’s highly recommended for a one-day tour in the urban area.

  • Novelty in Traditional Hongyadong, Live-action Fantasy Game Opens

    (Yuzhong District)

    When it comes to Hongyadong, you may think of visiting tourist attractions and enjoying delicacies. However, the scenic area has recently welcomed a series of upgrading projects, including the nostalgic Back to 1980: Old Chongqing Life Block, the futuristic Welcome to 2076: Sci-fi Block, and the magnificent experience hall of the 12 Scenes in Chongqing. Please stay tuned for more!

  • Experience the Beauty of Wild Animals in Chongqing

    (Yubei District)

    November is Chongqing Wildlife Conservation Awareness Month. This year, Chongqing Wildlife Conservation Association and SEE Chongqing Project Center jointly launched an initiative to build the wildlife protection public activities. More than 40 institutions responded positively. Over 100 activities have been planned during this month, including four types in total: Art, Reading, Sharon, and Experiences to raise citizens’ awareness of wildlife protection.

  • A Winter Walk in an Old Chinese Village

    (Dazu County)

    You might forget you are in the 21st century walking in Yongxi Town of Dazu County, Chongqing, even down to its wall, the town has retained its architecture that has been inherited. The 637-meter-long ancient town built in the Ming and Qing Dynasties is well-preserved. The majority of houses on the old streets are wooden. All the aborigines, celebrities’ former residences, old-fashioned barber shops, wineries, oil presses, and special snacks are writing their own narrative together.

  • Audio-Visual Feast! Ring in the Coming Year at New Year's Eve Concert

    (Fengjie County)

    New Year's Eve Concert this year innovatively integrates ballet, standard dance, symphony, and art songs. The audience can experience the exciting moment of the flag-raising ceremony on the day of the founding of the People’s Republic of China in “Ode to the Red Flag,” the great struggle against darkness and cruelty in “Nobody Sleeps Tonight,” the eternal love in “Blessings of Love,” and greet the arrival of spring in the “New Year’s Eve in Vienna.” Various art forms are combined here, coexisting in harmony.

  • The 5th International Poetry Festival Kicked off in Chongqing Fengjie

    (Fengjie District)

    The 5th “China-Baidicheng” International Poetry Festival opened in Fengjie County, Chongqing, on December 14 evening with a series of performances in which traditional elements took on a modern flavor.

  • The 15th China Chongqing Three Gorges (Wushan) International Red Leaf Festival Kicks Off

    (Wushan County)

    The 15th China Chongqing Three Gorges (Wushan) International Red Leaf Festival kicked off in Wushan County. It was also announced that the Longgupo site would apply for the World Culture Heritage.

    Like a poem writes, “The mountain goddess if she is still there will marvel at a world so changed.” Many tourists who revisit Wushan County after years are surprised at rapid local development. Over the past years, Wushan has become more beautiful and international, narrowing the gap with big cities.

  • Singing for a Better New Life: China Native Folk Song Festival Kicks off 黔江 濯水古镇 Zhuoshui ancient town

    (Qianjiang District)

    2021 China Native Folk Song Festival was held in Chongqing from December 17 to 19, with the theme of “Singing for a Better New Life” to spread the good voice of China and sing for a better new life.

    Chongqing is a city with 3,000 years of history. Its gorgeous Bayu culture has nurtured a large number of traditional folk songs and intangible cultural heritage resources of traditional music. Especially in the southeast part, there are five national and 17 municipal-level intangible cultural heritage projects such as Nanxi Horn, Miao Folk Songs, Youyang Folk Songs, Xiushan Folk Songs, and Shizhu Tujia Luo’er Tune, which have a unique mass foundation.

  • Three Gorges 白帝城Baidi (White Emperor) City

    (Fengjie County)

    The Baidi (White Emperor) City • Qutang Gorge Scenic Area was first built in 25 AD and is now a 4.7 square kilometer historical site and tourist attraction located at the entrance to Qutang Gorge in Fengjie County. The site was also one of the first national scenic spots to be opened to the outside world in 1978.

    In the Tang and Song dynasties, famous poets and literati, including Li Bai, Du Fu, and Bai Juyi, spent time at this location and left behind a wealth of timeless poetry. This legacy has bestowed Fengjie its reputation as the City of Poetry.

  • Online Travel in Chongqing, Let's Visit Ciqikou Backstreet 磁器口Ciqikou Ancient Town

    (Shapingba District)

    Due to the severe COVID-19 epidemic situation, the Ciqikou Ancient Town Scenic Area has been temporarily closed to ensure the residents’ and tourists’ safety and reduce the risks caused by the crowded gatherings. Ciqikou, the epitome of old Chongqing, is a must-visit place for tourists. This year, Ciqikou Backstreet is built behind the Ciqikou Old Street, combining cultural essence and modern fashion. Today, let’s take a different approach to visit Ciqikou Backstreet online!

  • We Love Art: Italian Art, Vision, and Creation in Chongqing 重庆长江当代美术馆Chongqing Yangtze River Contemporary Art Museum

    (Fengjie District)

    lowing Light: Italian Art, Vision, and Creation” art exhibition hosted by the Italian Contemporary Art Association opened at Chongqing Yangtze River Contemporary Art Museum on the 9th.

    Through exhibits, such as paintings and sculptures, the audience, no matter their jobs or ages, can all intuitively and clearly understand the most cutting-edge cultural trends and artistic concepts in Italy, especially the sincere reflection of the new generation of Italian artists on contemporary society and their artistic life.

This map of spots will help cool you off in Chongqing under the heating weather, which including outdoor sports, scenic areas, and good places for family tours. iChongqing will introduce all you can do and experience around in this hot season!