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Dazu Shizhuan Rock Carvings


Shizhuang Mountain is located in Fohui village, Sanqi town about 25 kilometers southwest of Longgang town in Dazu District. According to the records found in the nearby temple, the carvings were made between 1082 and 1096 AD during the Northern Song Dynasty. 

The rock carving cliff is about 130 meters long and between 3-8 meters high. Here you will find rock carvings showing three religions, Buddhism, Taoism, and Confucianism, three religions that you would not usually see together in a single rock carving site like this. 

Shizhuang Mountain is one of the smaller and lesser-known rock carving sites in Dazu but still shows important carvings that detail the life and belief systems present in China at the time that they were carved. 


Hall for Mother and Son 

Only 0.5 miles away from the Fohui Temple, there is a Buddha Bay (Hall for Mother and Son) with nine groups of statues, of which Dizang statue, Lao Jun Grottoes, Three Buddhist grottoes, Wenxuan King grottoes, Manjusri Grottoes, Luban grottoes are well preserved.

Thousand-buddha rock

Thousand-buddha Rock is 1.5 kilometers away from the Fohui Temple, and its statues are mainly rock cavings. It is divided into ten sections: the first section is round niche and square niche, and each niche has a Buddha statue, with the words "civilized country" still carved on the wall; The second section engraved a statue of "Three Buddhas"; The third section engraves three seated Buddhas; In the fourth, two buddhas sit opposite to each other. The fifth is eight seated Buddhas and seven standing Buddhas; In the sixth, an image of four Buddhas was engraved; The seventh section engraves "Infinite Buddhist Sutra changing into Guanyin"; In the eighth, an image of two Buddhas was engraved; The ninth is an image of a Buddha and a Bodhisattva, and there is a seated Buddha with 52 small Buddhas on the side in the tenth section.



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